Solar Supply 9th Annual Crawfish Boil in Natchez

Solar Supply in Natchez Holds 9th Annual Crawfish Boil

May 23, 2019

Solar Supply 9th Annual Crawfish Boil in NatchezOn Wednesday, May 1st, the Natchez branch of Solar Supply Company held its 9th annual crawfish boil. The crawfish boil was at lunch time from 11am to 2 pm and sandwiches were available for those customers who weren’t in the mood for crawfish. Store manager Stephanie Lemoine explained “our customers love the fact that we put on a crawfish boil for them each year. They get really excited about this event and start talking it up months in advance.”

Stephanie continued, “We try to do it right and have corn, potatoes, mushrooms, sausages and a few more things boiled up with the crawfish. We had C & M Crawfish out of Vidalia, Louisiana cater our crawfish boil this year and they did a fantastic job.”

Stephanie concluded by saying, “It’s just one more way to tell our customers how much we appreciate them.”

Additional photos of this event are available here.