Tim Farmer, Sales Excellence Coach

Want to Sell a Premium Cooling System this Summer?

May 23, 2019

By: Tim Farmer, Sales Excellence Coach

More times than not, making the sale of a premium cooling system boils down to whether a salesperson is viewed as a trusted, knowledgeable HVAC resource.

Tim Farmer, Sales Excellence Coach
Tim Farmer

Today’s consumers want a salesperson who they believe is an expert and extension of the brand and who can guide them through the purchasing process in a transparent manner. A sales person who appears overly eager to push product without a thorough explanation of the installation process, system specifications or other details could limit the purchase and lose the customer’s future business.

Selling a premium cooling system is more than just showing a flyer or brochure, but instead a deliberate process that, in the case of planned replacements, may take weeks of careful follow-up and thoughtful conversations. Many consumers require time to weigh their system options and compare dealers before making a very serious (and costly) decision.

When looking to upsell premium cooling systems this summer, it’s important to first ask questions to understand the consumer’s needs and whether the higher efficiency system would fit their purpose and budget. While it’s easy to make assumptions about a consumer and skip the questions, in doing so you might miss the opportunity to sell a top of the line system. Also, be willing to negotiate the price by removing features/items from the proposal to reduce the price but remind the consumer why those were valuable initially, as there is tremendous competition throughout the greater HVAC ecosystem.

Lastly, here are the three golden rules for selling a premium cooling system. Follow these tips and you’re not only set up for success, but also on the road to establishing life long partnerships that could lead to years of consistent sales.

They are as follows:

  1. Take time to educate the customer: Customers rely on their dealers to make recommendations that fit their personal needs. So think of different techniques or information you can share to help increase your customer’s knowledge about HVAC systems and solutions. Take time to explain the installation process, added benefits, and special features, and point out those areas that make your team the best choice. Building the consumer relationship increases the likelihood of purchase, as people tend to buy from those whom they trust and consider friends.
  2. Establish a trusted relationship: Transparency, honesty, and integrity should be the foundation of every business and at the heart of your customer service. Build value in yourself, your company and the brand to grow and maintain business by establishing a trusted relationship with your customers. This helps establish customer loyalty, which can then lead to new referrals.

Remember details matter: The most knowledgeable professional won’t be fully respected unless careful attention is paid to the smallest of details. Call if you are running late to the next appointment. Make sure your truck is properly stocked. Dress professionally to build confidence that you are an HVAC authority.