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SpeedClean Encourages Contractors to Properly Prepare as Ductless Systems Expected to Grow in Popularity in 2019

December 18, 2018

With 2019 on the horizon, SpeedClean is offering its take on a trend that contractors will see more of next year—ductless systems. According to a study by Markets and Markets, the “global ductless heating & cooling systems market is projected to be valued at $78.62 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.”

The steady growth in popularity doesn’t just impact manufacturers and homeowners. From installations to ongoing maintenance of ductless systems, it provides a substantial opportunity for contractors to increase revenue by expanding service offerings. There are several reasons homeowners may be leaning toward ductless systems, such as its compact size, easy installation, higher efficiency and the fact it’s typically less expensive than traditional systems. Ductless systems can provide efficient heating and cooling in millions of homes that cannot accommodate ductwork, making them an excellent choice for retrofits or additions.

“We’ve seen ductless systems rising in popularity over the past few years, and that’s going to continue,” said Mike Hardy, Vice President of SpeedClean. “If HVAC technicians aren’t equipping themselves with the right training to install and equipment to maintain ductless systems, they are missing out on a big revenue opportunity.”

Technicians can proactively educate homeowners on ductless systems and the benefits when discussing new or replacement heating and cooling solutions. HVAC companies should make sure they are correctly training all technicians on ductless systems and how to effectively perform installation and maintenance with the most effective tools.

SpeedClean understands the importance of having the right tools for the job, which is why it carries several clean-in-place solutions that can help technicians add high-profit revenue streams by maintaining and cleaning ductless systems quickly and effectively. If you would like more information, visit www.speedclean.com or call 888-700-3540.

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