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SpeedClean Offers Insight into Predictions for the HVAC Industry in 2020

March 09, 2020

As HVAC contractors anticipate what this year will bring, SpeedClean is highlighting their insights into the anticipated challenges and opportunities the industry will encounter in 2020. SpeedClean manufactures specialty professional products for HVAC maintenance.

“The HVAC industry is continually evolving and changing when it comes to technology, equipment and the overall workforce,” says Mike Hardy, managing director of SpeedClean. “We anticipate there will be growth potential for companies, but also greater steps to addressing the workforce challenges that the industry is facing.”

SpeedClean has a few predictions for what 2020 has in store for the HVAC industry:

  • Mini-Split Systems Bring Opportunity: The growth of mini-split systems in recent years brings a lot of opportunity for contractors to add to their services. Similar to traditional heating and cooling systems, ductless systems require ongoing maintenance. There are a variety of tools that make cleaning these systems easier, faster and more effective.
  • Support for Skilled Trades: In the HVAC industry specifically, mechanic and installer jobs nationwide are expected to grow 15 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the demand is growing, a good portion of the current workforce will retire, and the industry is facing a workforce shortage. HVAC contractors, manufacturers and the industry as a whole need to do their part to support efforts that highlight job opportunities and the required skills.
  • Business Expansion: Finding contractors that can check multiple items off the to-do list is beneficial for homeowners. Which means there are is a lot of opportunity for contractors that find the right tools to expand their service offerings. From mini-split maintenance, as mentioned above, to duct cleaning and indoor air quality consultation, having the right tools and education allows contractors to offer their customers even more value.
  • Women in the HVAC Field: 2020 will be a year of great awareness building for the HVAC trades. Pressure for growth of skilled labor shortages will ignite support for inclusion and education of larger portions of our demographics which have traditionally been overlooked.

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