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SpeedClean Releases New and Improved Formula for CoilShot Tablets

March 14, 2019

SpeedClean announces the release of the latest version of regular formula tablets for its popular CoilShot® condenser cleaning system.  The tablets offer improved cleaning performance and longer cleaning times, all in a non-acidic, plant friendly formula.  The premeasured tablets have just the right amount of coil cleaner to get rid of dirt, grime, and even grease.

SpeedClean CoilShotOne of SpeedClean’s most popular products, the CoilShot condenser cleaning tool eliminates the need for heavy and bulky liquid coil cleaner. It provides all the cleaning power needed to clean condensers in an easy-to-use, small tablet. The CoilShot simply attaches to a garden hose, and the tablet dissolves to create a foaming coil cleaner that can reach even deeper into the coils to remove lodged dirt and debris. After the cleaning is complete, switch it to a fresh rinse to eliminate the rest of the soap and residue.

“When the CoilShot launched, there was an incredible response from those who appreciated how easy it was to use and how bright and clean the coils were following the cleaning,” says Mike Hardy, vice president of SpeedClean. “SpeedClean is always looking for ways to make a technician’s job even easier and we wanted to offer enhancements to the CoilShot tablet to be even more effective.”

The CoilShot tablets are also offered in a heavy-duty formula, which is best for extra heavy dirt or grease buildup is present. The system offers several benefits to HVAC technicians, but efficiency and safety are at the top of the list. The sleek tablets are much easier to transport between job sites, especially compared to cases of bulky liquid coil cleaner. It also saves on shipping costs and storage, because of the reduced weight and package size.

For more information on the CoilShot system or to see more of SpeedClean’s residential and light commercial HVAC maintenance solutions, visit www.speedclean.com.

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SpeedClean, LLC manufactures and markets industry leading maintenance tools for the residential and light commercial HVAC maintenance professional. Our products provide contractors with quick and efficient solutions to unique maintenance problems, including cleaning coils, descaling tankless hot water systems, cleaning chiller, heat exchanger tubes and more. Visit www.speedclean.com for more information.