Chris Chase, Product Manager at Aprilaire showcases the new Filter Grille Air Cleaner at the AHR Expo in Atlanta.

Superior Equipment Protection for Return Grille Applications

August 22, 2019

Aprilaire introduces a convenient and effective solution for high efficiency filtration in return grille applications.
The Aprilaire Filter Grille Air Cleaner adds even more applications to an already extensive air cleaner line-up. A patented filter design provides for fewer change-outs and superior equipment protection. With the lowest static pressure in the industry, and a Self-Seal® design to eliminate bypass, contractors who use Aprilaire filters will reduce profit-robbing warranty call-backs due to loaded or leaky 1″ or 2″ filters.

Chris Chase, Product Manager at Aprilaire showcases the new Filter Grille Air Cleaner at the AHR Expo in Atlanta.
Chris Chase, Product Manager at Aprilaire showcases the new Filter Grille Air Cleaner at the AHR Expo in Atlanta.

Aprilaire Filter Grille Air Cleaner is perfect for new construction in markets where attic installations are prevalent. Until now, new construction applications have been limited to using typical one-inch panel filters, which can clog in a matter of days from drywall dust and other post-construction debris. Aprilaire high efficiency 4″ filters provide up to nine times as much particle-trapping surface area to better protect the newly installed equipment between construction completion and homebuyer occupation and beyond.

This greater surface area in the Aprilaire pleated filter design also allows for extremely low resistance and velocity, which improves air flow and therefore overall system performance. The Filter Grille Air Cleaner, like all Aprilaire Air Cleaners comes with a 10 year clean coil guarantee for systems who have used and properly maintained their air cleaners with Aprilaire filters.

Another benefit of this collapsible 4″ pleated filter design in a return grille application is that builders can design the space for a return grille in a smaller overall dimension and in fewer sizes.

The product was first showcased at the AHR Expo in Atlanta last January, where it received a great receptions from visitors to the Aprilaire booth. “We learned a lot from contractors who came into see the product at the show,” states Chris Chase, Product Marketing Manager at Aprilaire. “We heard that, while the product is primarily designed for new construction applications, contractors were telling us they see how the system also benefits Service and Replacement jobs by providing better equipment protection in all existing installations where a grille-mounted filter is being used.

Available in 20 x 25 and 16 x 25 models, the Filter Grille Air Cleaner ships complete with frame, removable grille, filter locks, and a MERV 11 Aprilaire filter which is easily upgradable to MERV 13. For California contractors, Title 24-Compliant MERV 13 models will ship beginning January 2020.

Offer trusted Aprilaire high-efficiency air cleaners on every job, no matter the application. Take advantage of the new opportunities this unique product will add to your business; available now by contacting your Aprilaire distributor.

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