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Supporting the Tour de Cure In Honor of Nap Estes

As Estes Services celebrates our 70th year in business I want to honor the man who started it all. My Dad was a Type 1 diabetic for over 70 years which had a tremendous affect on not only his life but also our family as well as the business. He dealt with adversity doing things that most of us take for granted while he built the foundation of the great company we have today. Diabetes is a terrible disease that affects over 30 million Americans – 1.2 million of those live is Georgia. It is estimated that the cost of diabetes in Georgia alone is $11 billion a year!

My goal is to raise as much money as possible for the American Diabetes Association (ADA) by the end of April and I need your help. Please go to www.diabetes.org/estesservices to learn more about the fight against diabetes and to donate for this great cause. I, along with the ADA and the over 50,000 people in Georgia who are diagnosed with diabetes each year will greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you!

Tommy Estes