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The Best Tool for Brazing and Soldering?

By Paul Eckoff, Director, Product Line Management, Alternative Market Channels, ESAB The right tool for brazing or soldering pipe can be an air-fuel or oxy-fuel torch. The best choice depends on the type and diameter of the pipe, its location and considerations related to cost, safety, convenience and ease of use. In actual practice for copper systems, most soldering occurs at temperatures of 350 to 550o F, while most brazing occurs at 1100 to 1500o… Read More

Marketair Introduces Brasotek for HVAC/R Copper Pipe/Fitting Brazing Preparation

Marketair Inc., an Edison, N.J.-based supplier of specialized and innovative installation components for the North American HVAC market, introduces Brasotek, a cutting-edge, time-saving method for prepping copper pipe and fittings prior to brazing. Brasotek replaces traditional methods and reduces the time needed to clean the joint areas on brazed copper linesets by more than 50 percent. It conserves filler rod, reduces the need for flux, requires lower brazing temperatures and less brazing time by 15… Read More
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