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Whole Home Dehumidifier

By Bubba Moore, Mingledorff’s Technical Services Manager, Southeast District Why do we need a dehumidifier and what is it? A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance which reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air, by extracting water from the air. Isn’t the A/C a dehumidifier? The A/C also removes humidity out of the air, but it is limited, do to the run time of the A/C. In mild weather, the A/C may not… Read More

Mingledorff’s Tech Service Tips: Evacuation and Dehydration Methods

By Bubba Moore, Technical Services Manager, Southeast District Evacuation techniques are meant to remove air and moisture trapped in a refrigeration system. Air takes up space in the refrigeration system and causes reduced heat transfer plus erratic operations. On the other hand, moisture in the refrigerant system can freeze-up and block refrigerant flow. Moisture also combines with the oil and refrigerant to form acids and sludge, which can cause system damage or failure. There are… Read More
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