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Carbon Monoxide: Three Excuses Not to Measure Carbon Monoxide

By David Richardson Welcome to the beginning of 2021. Many people will start this new year with a resolution to improve their personal or professional life. Often, these promises focus on fitness, health, or finances. Unfortunately, most people drop their resolutions before February. For a resolution to stick, there must be a desire to change. After all, why go through the hassle if you’re comfortable with the way things are? Some HVAC companies… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Handling Furnace Red Tag Second Opinions

By David Richardson It’s the time of year for furnace red tags now that colder temperatures are here. As homeowners scramble to recover from the news their furnace is being shut down, they often seek a second opinion for confirmation. In this time of panic, many turn to family for referrals or Google for online reviews. The lucky contractor they choose might be you. Here are a few tough questions: When you get… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Don’t Forget the Gas Oven

By David Richardson It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is here. Many of us will eat too much turkey and then doze off after the meal. Consider this: is it possible another source is making you sleepy? How many of you plan to cook a turkey this holiday with a gas oven? If you are, how do you know it’s safe? Unless you test the oven to ensure… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Three Reasons High CO in Flue Gas Should Concern You

By David Richardson One question I frequently hear is, “Why should high CO (Carbon Monoxide) readings in the flue gas concern me? They’re all going outside, anyway.” It’s a question I also asked myself before I understood the cause-and-effect relationships that make this so dangerous. Let’s look at three reasons high CO levels in flue gas should concern you. Number One: Building Infiltration It’s easy to assume flue gas… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Where’s the Draft?

By David Richardson A condition that concerns many technicians is when they measure no draft pressure in a flue. The display on their draft gauge reads zero. Let’s look at three common reasons that draft pressure in a flue disappears and ways to determine what you’re dealing with. Reason #1: Building Depressurization Building depressurization is the most common reason for no draft pressure. Depending on the source, depressurization can occur randomly or continuously. The… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Remembering Rudy

By David Richardson Our industry suffered a great loss on the evening of July 28th. Rudy Leatherman, a former carbon monoxide (CO) trainer with Bacharach, lost his life because of a tragic accident. Anyone who knew him could share stories of his enthusiasm, willingness to share, and positive attitude. Rudy was the teacher at my first CO and combustion training class sponsored by Bacharach in the late 1990s. Left to right: Rudy Leatherman, David Richardson… Read More