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Power Plumber and the Corrosion Grenade – Simple Solutions for HVACR Challenges

Power Plumber and the Corrosion Grenade®, distributed by AC Zincs, Inc., provide simple solutions for clogged condensate drains and fin corrosion, two challenges faced by many HVACR contractors. Power Plumber withan application adapter About Power Plumber Power Plumber with deodorizing lemon scent is a unique product designed for cleaning air conditioning condensate drain lines. Activated by water in the condensate line, a one-second application of Power Plumber creates a “standing wave” which acts… Read More

Corrosion Grenade, Aluminum Fin Protection from Galvanic Corrosion

The Corrosion Grenade® by A/C Zincs, Inc. provides the solution for protecting air conditioning system aluminum fins from deterioration due to exposure to coastal environments. Economical and easy to install, the Corrosion Grenade® sacrificial anodes are an adaptation of a marine application for fighting galvanic corrosion and truly green solutions to a costly problem. For years, air conditioning manufacturers have been plagued with the expensive problem of aluminum fins deteriorating when the air conditioning unit… Read More