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Minimize Dangling Tool Entanglement with New ANSI Gear Keeper Retractable Tool Tether

No more dancing around a long, dangling tether or having your tools drag along on the floor behind you. Gear Keeper’s new ANSI-121 compliant RT3-5602 retractable tether’s ultra-low profile keeps tools close to the body while still allowing virtually instant accessibility when in use. When the tool is retracted, lanyard exposure is minimized to avoid snagging, especially when the tool is also placed in a tool bag/pouch. Minimize dangling tool entanglement with new ANSI Gear… Read More

Gear Keeper – One Tether for All of Your Tools!

Why bring the entire tool bag when just a tool pouch will do? When working aloft and applications move from requiring a single tool to multiple tools, Gear Keeper’s new RT4-5602 retractable tether is the only tether you will need. Simply attach additional inexpensive lanyards with female fittings to all tools needed for the project. Safely avoiding at-heights entanglement issues from multiple dangling tethers, the new low-profile RT4-5602 retractable tether sits close to the body… Read More

Two New ANSI/ISEA-121 Gear Keeper Retractable Tethers for Tools up to 2 Lbs.

Full range of motion with 360° rotating clamp-on belt clips, the two new retractables minimize entanglement issues and maximize safe tool change-out speed with Side Release Lanyard System.  Gear Keeper’s new ANSI/ISEA-121 compatible RT3-5603 and RT3-5604 retractable tethers keep tools (up to two pounds) close to the body. This is particularly effective at minimizing entanglement issues when working in close quarters or climbing. Also, the tether’s patented Side-Release Lanyard Tool Attachment System allows many tools… Read More