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Daikin Applied Launches new Heat Pump Technology for Cost-Effective Heating and Cooling in All Environmental Conditions

Daikin Applied recently introduced the Daikin SmartSource® Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS), its next generation of heat pump heating technology that enables efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling in all conditions using 100 percent of fresh, outside air. The new unit features exclusive SmartBoost Heat Technology™, which allows for air as cold as 0 degrees Fahrenheit to enter without any pre-heating, all while achieving 49 percent higher than ASHRAE 90.1-2016 minimum efficiency. “Striking the right… Read More

Integrating Heat Pumps with the Power Grid

By Michael Tobias Heat pumps are a promising technology in the HVAC industry, since they can drastically reduce the carbon footprint of space heating and hot water systems. However, the widespread use of heat pumps in buildings comes with a technical challenge: meeting the high demand for electricity that can be expected during winter. Michael Tobias, PE, LEED AP, CEM. Power grid operators already face annual demand peaks in the hottest days of summer, caused… Read More

Lennox Expands Line of Heat Pumps with Introduction of Merit ML14XP1 and Elite EL15XP1 High Efficency Single Stage Models

Lennox Industries, a leading provider of high-performing home comfort solutions, brings advanced technology and even better reliability and durability to its family of residential heat pumps with the debut of its new Merit brand ML14XP1 Single-Stage Heat Pump, and Elite brand EL15XP1 High Efficient Single-Stage Heat Pump. The new heat pumps feature Lennox’s proprietary Quantum Coil design, which makes them even longer-lasting, higher-performing, and more dealer-friendly than previous models. Later this year, Lennox will introduce… Read More