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An Expert’s Take on “Natural” Refrigerants

globalFACT’s Executive Director Jordan Smith Interviews Refrigerants Expert Dr. Richard Powell on So-Called “Natural” Refrigerants Jordan Smith Let’s start with the obvious question: what is the biggest misperception about so-called “natural” refrigerants? Ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, sold as refrigerants, are manufactured in large chemical plants. In other words, they are “artificial.” They are “synthetic chemicals,” not “natural.” To contrast ‘chemical’ fluorocarbon refrigerants with so-called ‘natural’ refrigerants is at best disingenuous, and arguably… Read More

System Efficiency Is More Important Than GWP

By Jordan Smith, globalFACT Executive Director Global warming potential, or GWP, is at the heart of the HVACR industry’s “green” conversation. Today’s operators know all about the pressures they face to lower GWP to reduce environmental impacts. Jordan Smith But how is the impact of GWP being framed? Lower GWP leads to lower carbon emissions. Across the world, operators are relying on this simple equation to make critical business decisions. If you use a lower… Read More
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