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PTI Pipe Insulation Passes Rigorous Testing, Assuring that the Products Will Not Corrode Copper, Aluminum or Steel Pipe

PTI, LLC (PTI), an innovative manufacturer of custom engineered foam products, has announced that its line of proprietary extruded engineered foam insulation has passed a rigorous testing standard that demonstrates that the product line will not cause corrosion on copper, aluminum or steel pipe – a key area of focus for residential and commercial contractors in the HVAC and plumbing industries. PTI commissioned the test of its own foam insulation products in response to ongoing… Read More

PTI Launches Industry First Pipe Insulation that Withstands Extreme Temperatures, Moisture and Sunlight

PTI, a division of HSM, has developed InnoShieldTM, a premium engineered foam pipe insulation with an innovative outer coating. The new product provides industry-leading performance in outdoor HVAC and plumbing applications that are prone to extreme temperatures, moisture and sunlight. The coating also provides maximum cut and tear resistance, making it less prone to damage during installation. InoShield pipe insulation InnoShield is rated for usage in temperatures ranging from -297 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and… Read More
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