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How Up to Speed are You on Dehumidification and Mini-Splits?

SELACACI invites you to a program on high efficiency, variable capacity (mini-split) heat pump systems, and how these systems fit into new construction — which should also help with application in existing situations. Design (using ACCA Manual J, S and D HVAC modeling), humidity control, and installation for mini-split heat pumps will be addressed, along with ventilation issues, especially for tighter, higher-performance homes. LSU AgCenter recently hosted a similar program in Baton Rouge, and SELACACI… Read More

SELACACI: Building Science for the HVAC Contractor – Take 2

Contributed by Bobby Parks On October 23 (the Fourth Tuesday), SELACACI will continue its series on building science issues for a/c field professionals. Last year, Bobby Parks travelled Louisiana to educate builders and others on behalf of the La. Dept. of Natural Resources (LDNR), and he’s returning to the New Orleans area this year to educate Code Officials & Fire Marshalls. Here’s your chance to hear him & ask questions! Bobby stresses that the buildings… Read More