Sensaphone WSG30 remote monitoring February 03, 2021


Flexible WSG30™ System Remotely Monitors HVACR Equipment and Facility...

The WSG30™ remote monitoring system from Sensaphone helps facility managers keep watch on HVACR equipment and facility environments. It is a web-based monitoring system that […]

Sensaphone sensor February 17, 2020


Easily Measure Temperature, Humidity and CO2 from One Sensor

Sensaphone® introduces a new combination temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor that measures and provides real-time values to any Sensaphone monitoring device that accepts a 4-20 […]

Sensaphone's Sentinel PRO for System-Wide Monitoring of HVACR Equipment and Environment January 24, 2020


Sensaphone to Feature Sentinel PRO for System-Wide Monitoring of...

The Sentinel™ PRO cloud-based remote monitoring system interfaces with any HVACR equipment that uses a building automation system (BAS) with Modbus sensors to easily integrate […]

Sensaphone WSG30 October 10, 2019


Monitor HVACR Equipment and Facility Environment Without Hard-Wired Sensors

To help operators monitor HVACR equipment and facility environments in locations where hard-wiring sensors is difficult or cost prohibitive, Sensaphone has developed the wireless WSG30™ […]


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