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Tropic Supply Hosts Tallahassee Relocation Grand Opening

Tropic Supply celebrated the relocation grand opening of their Tallahassee Resource Center with a two-day open house and training extravaganza on December 18 and 19, 2019. Front: Ken Mello, Joshua Brisk, Jason Godwin and Caleb Timmons of Tallahassee with the Tropic Supply support team. (Left to right): Rafael Ramirez, Eric Barnett, Heather Anusbigian, Chuck Del Vecchio, Nicole Parrish, Scott Liner and Bobby Barnett. Located at 111-2 Hamilton Park Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32304, in the same… Read More

Tropic Supply Hosts Hands-On Copeland Compressor Training

Almost every seat was filled at the Orlando Resource Center Copeland compressor class. Tropic Supply and Copeland hosted hands-on Copeland compressor teardown classes at various resource centers throughout Florida in November. The classes were conducted by Emerson Director of Sales Mike Nipper and covered the following learning objectives: the mechanical and electrical failures common to compressors; flood back, migration, slugging, overheating and lack of oil; how to take compressors apart to determine the root cause… Read More

Tropic Supply Offers Dealers Ruud DesignStar/Load Calculation Classes

Tropic Supply dealers had the opportunity to attend Ruud DesignStar/Load Calculation classes at various Tropic Supply Resource Centers during December. DesignStar, powered by Wrightsoft, allows contractors to quickly determine what comfort options are best for their customers. Contractors attending the DesignStar class in Hollywood. The hands-on classes were conducted by Wrightsoft Senior Trainer Alex Meaney and completers earned eight hours of Pro Partner continuing education credits. Training was provided for calculating Manual J loads, customizing… Read More

Tropic Supply Daytona Holds Open House and Two-Day Training Extravaganza

The Tropic Supply Resource Center located at 475 Fentress Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL held an open house and two-day training extravaganza on October 23 and 24, 2019. Gil Ledoux of PED Associates conducts an aluminum coil repair class. Supplier trainings/demonstrations were conducted the morning and afternoon of the 23rd, providing contractors detailed information about products offered by Tropic Supply. A supplier trade show took place during the lunch hour with representatives from dozens of manufacturers… Read More

Tropic Supply Hosts Refrigeration Technologies and Russell Demo Days

BTU Reps representatives and Tropic Supply Resource Centers joined together to present Refrigeration Technologies and Russell Demo Days in the month of August. The North Miami team at the BTU Reps display. Contractors learned about the latest refrigeration coil designs, the proper chemicals to use and why. The BTU Reps representatives explained how to reduce installation and troubleshooting time with the Russell EcoNet Evaporator Control and Remote Command Center. The Resource Centers ran a promotion… Read More

Tropic Supply and Tecumseh Host Compressor Training

Mike Makransky of Tecumseh in Port Charlotte. Tropic Supply and Tecumseh recently hosted compressor training demo days at various Tropic Resource Centers. Mike Makransky from Tecumseh covered these helpful topics: the value of repair vs. replace, how to breakdown hermetic compressors and avoid failures, current refrigeration market trends and information on R290 and replacement refrigerants. Visit tropicsupply.com/eventscalendar for training opportunities near you. Read More