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Replace Existing HVAC Equipment Electric Heaters for Safety, Liability Protection, and Prevention of “No Heat” Calls from Dissatisfied Consumers

During the past decade, millions of HVAC equipment electric heaters have been installed in homes and buildings nationwide that do not conform to the current edition of the governing National Standard UL 1995, Fifth edition, and do not conform to all previous editions in terms of hazardous temperature prevention. Warren Technology’s “SAFE-SET” system allows users to reset the thermal cutoff from any conventional thermostat. Although these heaters have been tested to operate in abnormal intended… Read More

Warren Technology Introduces “SAFE-SET” Unitary Electric Heaters

Warren Technology is continuing its tradition of innovation by introducing to the industry its user-friendly “SAFE-SET” Electric Heaters. As a long-standing producer of safe unitary electric heaters for all major HVAC equipment brands, Warren constantly strives to improve product quality, comfort, and safety for consumers. Bob Longman of Warren Technology demonstrates the ease of resetting the backup safety device. These new and improved heaters allow the consumers to reset the backup safety device (non-self-resetting thermal… Read More
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