Bob Longman of Warren Technology demonstrates the ease of resetting the backup safety device.
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Warren Technology Introduces “SAFE-SET” Unitary Electric Heaters

February 20, 2019

Warren Technology is continuing its tradition of innovation by introducing to the industry its user-friendly “SAFE-SET” Electric Heaters. As a long-standing producer of safe unitary electric heaters for all major HVAC equipment brands, Warren constantly strives to improve product quality, comfort, and safety for consumers.

Bob Longman of Warren Technology demonstrates the ease of resetting the backup safety device.
Bob Longman of Warren Technology demonstrates the ease of resetting the backup safety device.

These new and improved heaters allow the consumers to reset the backup safety device (non-self-resetting thermal protection) which shuts the heater off to prevent dangerous overheating due to dirty air filters, closed air vents, utility company temporary over-voltage, etc., without waiting for a service technician to correct the problem and restore the heat. Before the advent of Warren’s SAFE-SET heaters, when the backup safety device was triggered, the heat could not be restored by anyone except a technician. Now, with SAFE-SET heaters, users can, in many cases, restore heat themselves by manually resetting the backup safety cutoff device from the wall thermostat after changing dirty air filters, checking for closed vents, etc., or, if utility power company over-voltage is present, simply wait until it subsides before resetting. In any case, when time permits, a technician should conduct a (non-emergency) inspection to determine why the backup safety device was triggered and correct any serious recurring systemic problems.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers have sacrificed safety by not incorporating ANY backup safety protection because of a concern of “no heat” emergencies. In other words, they choose not to inconvenience homeowners and technicians over homeowners’ safety. Warren’s SAFE-SET heaters provide safety without inconvenience. Heaters without backup safety devices are not safe and must be replaced with units containing these devices.
Another valuable feature Warren provides in their heaters is incremental staging of heat with time delays between stages, and restarting the heating sequence after power interruption. This provides better efficiency, reliability, and comfort. Heater components are also protected against both utility company under-voltage brown-outs and over-voltage surges.

As an optional upgrade feature, which mitigates the need to reset safety devices, Warren offers EZ-FLOW, a unique airflow monitor which indicates to the user, via cell phone, the most efficient and cost-effective time to change the HVAC air filter(s), regardless of the filter type.

About Warren Technology

Located in Hialeah, Florida, Warren Technology has produced electric heating equipment for more than 60 years. Warren has assumed a leading role within the HVAC industry, designing, developing, and manufacturing a broad spectrum of precision heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning products. By making the issues of health, comfort, economy, and safety an integral part of its products, Warren continues to lead the way by setting standards for indoor environmental solutions.

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