Tecumseh ARGUS

Tecumseh ARGUS Condensing Unit Showcased at AHR Expo and NAFEM Show 2019

January 13, 2019

Tecumseh Products Company LLC. (Ann Arbor, Michigan), will showcase Tecumseh ARGUS at AHR Expo and NAFEM show 2019. Tecumseh ARGUS is a next generation of air-cooled, low and medium temperature condensing unit platform focusing on ½ to 6 HP capacities. Tecumseh ARGUS is designed with building owners and service technicians in mind and provides unmatched performance, sustainability, serviceability and flexibility. Its performance is optimized around HFO-blend refrigerants and exceeds DOE’s AWEF requirements by up to 15% in the capacity range of ½ to 6 HP. It is first to the market in exceeding the AWEF requirement for hermetic reciprocating compressor condensing units for 1.25 HP or less. Tecumseh ARGUS is ideal for walk-in coolers and freezers and provides restaurants, grocery, convenience stores and other food-service and retail establishments unmatched performance and configurability from a compact environmental footprint.

Tecumseh ARGUS
Tecumseh ARGUS Condensing Unit

Kevin Wilson, the general manager of condensing units & systems at Tecumseh, said, “We are very excited to introduce a game-changing, high-performance condensing unit in this relatively stagnant market.”

Tecumseh ARGUS is a next generation platform that delivers sustainable solutions. It is optimized specifically for HFO-blend refrigerants while also applying either coated micro-channel condenser coils that can reduce overall refrigerant charge, or conventional tube and fin condenser coils. Applying a swept fan blade assembly option, ARGUS is extremely quiet compared to conventional fan blade and motor combinations meeting the growing requirement in LEED or WELL buildings that require improved indoor environmental quality.

“By applying a combination of reciprocating and scroll compressor technologies, we have developed Tecumseh ARGUS with serviceability for contractors and building owners in mind.”, Wilson said. Three chassis sizes were developed with a simplified layout, allowing ease of accessibility without removing the top of the enclosure and is equipped with LED lights in the service panel which provide visibility in any situation. A QR code on the inside of the service panel door enables a technician to easily access wiring diagrams, performance data, service part lists and our world-class technical service team.

The drastically improved assembly of the platform comes from a design that reduces braze joints by 25%, fasteners on average by 25% and product weight on average by 20%. Combine this with a new cell-based assembly line that enhances production quality and reduction in potential warranty returns and this is a long-lasting product meant to withstand the toughest environments in the field.

Flexible options and configurations make Tecumseh ARGUS the right solution for any application from small to large chassis. Tecumseh ARGUS offers a variety of options and feature sets customizable to any specification. Options can be configured by selecting the pre-configured Silver, Platinum or Gold feature packages or by ala-carte selection dependent on the application requirement. Some of those options include EC fan motor, micro-channel coil, tube and fin coil, air/electric defrost timer, and heated insulated receiver.

“For over 85 years, Tecumseh has been a world leader in compressors and systems technologies for commercial refrigeration and has now applied its expertise to the innovative Tecumseh ARGUS,” Wilson said. Regardless of project requirements, Tecumseh ARGUS is a dependable, low-maintenance solution which significantly lowers cost and grows business.

For more information on Tecumseh ARGUS, visit www.tecumseh.com.

About Tecumseh Products Company LLC

Founded in 1934, Tecumseh Products Company LLC is a leading global manufacturer of hermetic reciprocating, rotary and scroll compressors ranging in capacity from 1/15th to 30 horsepower, as well as offering a complete line of condensing units and systems for use in residential and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Tecumseh products are manufactured on four continents and sold globally through a network of sales professionals, authorized wholesalers and licensed distributors offering brand names that include: AE®, AE2®, AW®, Celseon®, L’Unite Hermetique®, Masterflux®, Silensys®, and Wintsys®. Tecumseh Products Company LLC is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.