“SiRO” safety heat exchanger in customized designs guarantees the secure operation of drinking water for heat pumps.

Wieland Presents Innovative Tube Solutions for HVAC at AHR Expo in Atlanta

January 13, 2019

From 14 to 16 January 2019, Wieland will be presenting its product range of copper tubes at AHR Expo in Atlanta at booth #B2565. With
thermal solutions consisting of finned tubes and heat exchangers as well as industrial and refrigeration tubes, Wieland provides solutions
for more comfort, energy efficiency and resource conservation.

Product highlights at AHR Expo

GEWA-C6: A new highly efficient condenser tube for shell-and-tube condensers. It has a thermal performance that is currently unique
worldwide. Taking advantage of that, the customer achieves higher energy efficiency and cost savings by reducing the refrigerant charge
and smaller installation space is required.

K65 copper tubes and system: Expansion of the certified product portfolio for high-pressure applications for CO2 refrigeration
systems in supermarkets. In addition to pressure resistance, the systems are characterized by simple and proven processing
technology through soldering, material savings and outstanding heat transfer.

“SiRO” safety heat exchanger in customized designs guarantees the secure operation of drinking water for heat pumps.
“SiRO” safety heat exchanger in customized designs guarantees the secure operation of drinking water for heat pumps.

SiRO-Koax: A safety tube coaxial heat exchanger, which guarantees the secure operation of drinking water heat pumps and coolers in customized design. Wieland optimizes its products for various refrigerants, the coaxial heat exchanger for example for R744, R32, R452 and R290, shell-and-tube heat exchangers with HFOs (hydrofluoroolefins) such as R1234ze/yf, R1233zd and refrigerant mixtures such as R513A. This multitude of refrigerants can be measured at the in-house laboratory.

As a new product for applications with sewage water and seawater, Wieland offers high-performance titanium tubes. For the very first time, it was possible to apply enhanced surface structures on this material, that is very difficult to form and therefore a significant increase of the thermal performance was achieved.

The material Titanium is being used for example in large heat pumps (for local district heating networks) and seawater-resistant shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

For copper tubes for industrial applications, Wieland provides a unique combination of planning reliability and flexibility with high delivery reliability, individual logistics solutions and high on-time delivery performance.

About Wieland

Wieland is one of the world’s leading suppliers of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products. With a global network of production sites, service and trading companies, the company offers a broad product, technology and service portfolio. From prototype to series production, Wieland develops solutions for automotive, electronics, refrigeration, air conditioning and other industries. Wieland uses high-performance copper materials to drive the success of its B2B customers in future-oriented fields such as electromobility, connectivity and urbanisation. High technical competence, customer-oriented thinking and sustainability determine their actions and have been the basis of the company’s success since 1820.