Mark Helton and Nathan Callais

Testo Products at United Refrigeration

January 28, 2019

Slidell, LA

Jeremy Helton’s favorite Testo tool is the 550 Digital Manifold. Jeremy explains, “The 550 manifold opens up new possibilities for efficient analysis and documentation thanks to the integration of Bluetooth connectivity with the Testo Refrigeration App. You can clearly read measurement data, such as automatic calculations of superheat and subcooling on a Smartphone or Tablet, allowing you to work quickly and conveniently. In addition to this, measurement reports can be created and sent directly from the job site. Its rugged housing includes a metal frame around the display which protects the screen from impact. It has sixty refrigerant profiles standard and the ability to update more refrigerants directly from the app. Your digital manifold will always be up to date. It also can come with a complete set of hoses and can even be used for leak testing.

Mark Helton and Nathan Callais
Mark Helton and Nathan Callais

James Brakel likes the Testo AC/R Smart Probe Set. James explains “The Testo Refrigeration Smart & Wireless Probe Kit is a combination of four instruments to measure high-side and low-side pressures and temperatures of operating systems. This kit can be operated with no tools other than your smart phone to communicate with the instruments. Service techs can remotely read the measurements from up to six (6) Smart Probes by using the Testo Smart Probes App. Calculations are made automatically. All measurement data is displayed as instrument readings, tables, or graphs and the measurements can be quickly saved as PDF or Excel files. The App creates custom reports which can be saved and/or shared by email. This is a great troubleshooting tool and since no hoses are required to get the pressures, there’s virtually no refrigerant loss.”

Chad Modello doesn’t have a favorite Testo instrument, but says “I like Testo’s great customer service, the excellent quality of all of their products and I especially like that they are at the forefront when it comes to the latest industry trends and improvements. Testo is a product you are proud to offer to your customer.”

Baton Rouge

Kevin Church commented “Testo is an amazing product that sells itself. It is simpler for the service techs to use and that means no misdiagnoses on their part.

Todd Ricketts likes the Testo 557 Digital Manifold that comes with four hoses because they will always result in a correct charge and that reduces warranties for United Refrigeration and reduces callbacks for the dealers. The fact that they automatically calculate superheat, subcooling, evaporation and condensation temperatures makes it easier for the technician to get the charge exactly right. Todd calls it a ‘win win’ for everyone involved.

Susan White’s husband Michael White is a hvac service technician. Susan says that it easy to shop for his Christmas presents. Since Michael likes quality and innovative tools, Testo is a perfect fit. Last year Susan gifted Michael with a 605i Smart Probe and she says ‘Michael love it”. It’s a pretty sure bet Michael is getting another Testo tool for Christmas this year once again.


Mark Helton and Nathan Callais favor the Testo 550 Digital Manifold with three hoses. Mark and Nathan say they sell more of the 550’s than the other digital manifolds. The Testo 550 also automatically calculates superheat, subcooling, evaporation and condensation temperatures. Mark says this makes it a natural fit for commercial HVAC jobs and also for refrigeration jobs. Since the Testo digital manifolds can work with sixty different refrigerants they tend to be the favorites of refrigeration service technicians. Mark Helton is impressed with professional service he receives when dealing with the Testo factory. Mark views the German engineering as a real plus and equates their reliability to the old Volkswagen Beetles from his youth.