The New Flat Rate’s Business Uncensored to Partner with Service World Expo

July 19, 2023

Award winning price generating software to co-host premier contractor event in October

The New Flat Rate, the highly acclaimed price generating software for home service contractors, and Service World Expo are shaking up the home service industry by joining forces to bring contractors one of the premier home service business events of 2023. As part of the effort, The New Flat Rate will now be hosting Business Uncensored as part of Service World Expo.

Service World Expo and Business Uncensored will take place on Oct. 3-6 in Phoenix, Arizona. Registration for the event is open.

“Business Uncensored and Service World Expo have continued to grow year after year,” said Rodney Koop, CEO of The New Flat Rate. “With both events historically happening within a few weeks of each other, we wanted to make the events more accessible for our members. That’s just one of the many benefits for contractors that lead us to come together and combine the two events this year.”

“Time cannot be used as an excuse to not attend because Business Uncensored and Service World Expo are going to be taking place at the same time and under the same roof. This is a completely new opportunity for contractors to come out and discover next-level solutions that will unlock their business’s full potential.”

Service World Expo, launched in 2016, is the premier industry trade show for owners of residential contracting companies and suppliers. From keynote speakers to workshops, and an expansive expo hall, the event provides both formal and informal settings to present and share ideas among speakers, coaches, and contractors.

Business Uncensored is a high-level conference that is geared toward providing home service business owners and their implementers with proven strategies that help them improve profitability while maximizing their growth potential.

Known for providing contractors with a non-competitive environment that encourages collaboration, Business Uncensored will have a dedicated area during Service World Expo for specific sessions pertaining to money, team and legacy. The space will allow contractors to easily network with others to share pain points and develop strategies to help solve those issues.

With this year’s mutual theme being “It’s Time to Rise,” the conference aims to lift the veil on the contracting industry and show contractors how to take their company to new heights.

“Combining Business Uncensored and Service World Expo is a major win for home service business owners, and we are excited to be teaming up with the single biggest event for contractors,” said Danielle Putnam, president of The New Flat Rate. “For years, Service World Expo has been the go-to event for contractors looking to pursue new ways to help their company grow, and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner that shares our commitment to making contractors’ lives easier.”

“With over 30 new sessions with industry experts, this joint event will give contractors more access to multiple sources of information including more thought leaders and contractors. This is an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded business leaders to develop strategies that will help your company grow.”

“This event isn’t for those content with mediocrity. Business Uncensored and Service World Expo are for contractors who are hungry to learn and are seeking improvement in their companies. This is a no-nonsense approach to business, and we want contractors who are serious about watching their companies thrive. If you’ve never been to both Service World Expo and Business Uncensored, there’s no denying, this is the year to go.”

“We are excited about partnering with The New Flat Rate this year at Service World Expo 2023,” said Sarah Blackhall, VP of Creative for Service Nation, Inc. and Service World Expo. “They are more than a menu pricing company. They help contractors succeed by providing strategies that help them grow to the next level. Year after year, their Business Uncensored event has helped change the lives of contractors.”

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