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Interplay Learning Establishes Intelligence Lab and Unveils the First AI-Powered Training Mentor for the Skilled Trades

July 18, 2023

Interplay Learning, the leading provider of immersive training for the skilled trades, announced today the creation of Interplay’s Intelligence Lab, a team of experts shaping the future of training by delivering innovative and intelligent solutions for the skilled trades. As part of this initiative, the Intelligence Lab unveiled SAM, the industry’s first AI-powered mentor for learning and skill development. SAM provides technicians with immediate guidance during their learning journey, helping them gain skills faster and learn more efficiently.

SAM, short for Skill Advisor and Mentor, takes a distinctive approach to AI-driven mentorship, going beyond providing quick answers that undermine learning. Instead, SAM asks questions and provides additional context to help learners comprehend the content while also sharpening their critical thinking. Available exclusively in SkillMill, SAM gives technicians personalized support when they need it and encourages them during their learning journey.

SAM taps into Interplay’s renowned expertise and 3D simulations, which set the standard for skilled trades training. When learning on SkillMill, SAM helps technicians acquire the right skills, fostering deep understanding, improving problem-solving, and accelerating the learning process. SAM is tailored to support the way tradespeople learn today, offering contextual and collaborative learning opportunities that adapt to their needs.

“The launch of SAM through Interplay’s Intelligence Lab represents a major milestone in our ongoing mission of creating better careers and better lives,” said Doug Donovan, founder and CEO of Interplay Learning. “We envision a future where innovative solutions like SAM play a pivotal role in addressing the recruiting, ramping, and retention challenges faced by companies in the skilled trades industry. SAM is just the beginning of a series of innovations that will shape how we train and support the workforce of tomorrow.”

Interplay’s Intelligence Lab leverages the company’s extensive content library, robust SkillMill platform and cutting-edge AI technology to deliver comprehensive training solutions that offer accurate and personalized guidance. SAM, the lab’s first innovation, is just the beginning of its journey to develop even more exciting new capabilities.

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About Interplay Learning:

Austin-based Interplay Learning is the industry leader in immersive training solutions for the skilled trades. Interplay’s acclaimed SkillMill training platform enables rapid upskilling and empowers new technicians to be job-ready within weeks, not years. Featuring expert-led videos, hands-on 3D simulations, knowledge checks, and personalized learning paths, SkillMill is more scalable and engaging than traditional training. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI and VR, Interplay is reshaping the future of online skilled trades training, delivering highly-effective learning experiences that result in better careers and better lives.

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