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The Nixon Group is Proud to Offer HVAC Contractors the Best in HVAC Products

November 27, 2020

The Nixon Group logoThe Nixon Group has been a leader in the manufacturing representative area for the HVAC community for many years. The Nixon Group is driven to offer quality HVAC products to manufacturers for sale to the contractor. These are highlights to some of their fantastic product line.


Returning to the world of HVAC, Westinghouse provides high efficiency and low cost for any of your cooling and heating needs, conveniently. Westinghouse ductless mini-split systems provide a comfortable environment, operating much quieter than a window a/c unit and more energy efficient than a central heating or cooling system. Sleek wall mounted indoor units connect to an outdoor compressor unit, with each system packed with standard convenience features including a backlit wireless remote control, LED temperature display with dimmer, 24-hour timer, quiet mode, louver position memory and much more!
Westinghouse mini-split systems provide a comfortable environment, operating much quieter than a window unit and more energy efficient than a central heating or cooling system. Sleek wall mounted indoor units connect to an outdoor condenser unit, standard with a base pan heater for low temperature climates. Each system comes packed with standard features!


MORTEX is a true full service manufacturing facility located in Fort Worth, Texas. There charter is to provide quality, reliable, and innovative solutions to all your HVAC manufacturing needs. Proudly manufacturing in the USA since 1953, They listen to the needs and goals of their customers and consistently exceed their expectations in design, manufacturing and delivery.

MORTEX has hundreds of years of combined manufacturing experience, demonstrated by the excellence of their team of development and production specialists. The company delivers excellence that drives success for their customers, their employees, the company and the communities they serve.

The MORTEX family of products provides an array of versatile and efficient cooling and heating solutions to fit your every need: HVAC products specially designed and built for the manufactured housing industry, Residential coils for all applications, Air handlers and fan coils, Engineered systems for commercial applications, OEM and replacement coils for all applications, Linesets for all HVAC applications.

“If we ain’t got it, we know somebody that does!” – Kirk Nixon, 2004.


Solair is North America’s leading brand of Replacement Packaged Vertical Units or Wall-mounts, as they are often called by the trade. By specializing in designs for the Replacement Market they are able to offer direct replacement systems for 97% of all installed VPU’s (Vertical Packaged Units) regardless of the original brand. For you, that means one contact and one solution for all of your replacement needs.

Wallmounts are very popular and are nearing 50 years since their first production. A number of manufacturers have been in the business and out of the business over that time span. Solair has developed an extensive cross reference system for nearly all of that production.

“Replacement Packages” typically consist of a unit, grilles, thermostat and in some cases their engineered adapter curb. Typically the new package replaces the old system without the need for reconstruction, ductwork or electrical changes. Simply contact Solair with a full model number and they can provide you with a direct replacement package.

The Alternative A Frame System

Are you tired of paying exorbitant fees to move around or install rooftop units? The Alternative A Frame System is a very cost effective solution for rolling AC Units around on roof tops. Stop sending your profit out the door with excising crane rentals and helicopter expenses. Put that profit in your pocket!

The Alternative A Frame System has the following capabilities and features: 3,500 lbs. Capacity, 12′ Spreader Bar, Heavy Duty Rubber Tires, Includes full instructions, and Rigging Kit upon request.

Robert Pilgrim has operated cranes all his working life, starting at the age of 17 for general contractors pouring concrete, erecting steel and setting all types of equipment. In 1980, he struck out on his own, leasing a 27.5-ton truck crane. He soon upgraded by purchasing a 30-ton truck crane to expand his market and ability to take on bigger and more profitable jobs.

To counter the ups and downs of the construction market and economic instability of the late 1990s Robert decided to focus his energy on the HVAC market.

Always looking for ways to more efficiently perform his jobs and help his customers, Robert built a 2-wheeled buggy to roll AC units weighing up to 3,500 lbs. around on rooftops. “HVAC Contractors face special challenges and added expenses when trying to place rooftop units in places that are too far for boom trucks to reach,” Robert claims. “The solution used to be hiring larger, more expensive cranes and even helicopters to complete the jobs. The buggy system worked well but obviously had limitations. I needed a better alternative.”

In 2010, Robert designed his first Alternative A Frame. Built out of steel, with a top spreader bar and large, swiveling, locking pneumatic wheels, the Alternative A Frame stands at 8’6” tall, with 3’ leg extensions raising it to 11’ 6”. Chain falls at each end of the A Frame do the heavy lifting. Robert certified the Alternative A Frame at 3,500 lbs. using a 8’ spreader bar through his local Rigging Supply Co. It takes just a few minutes to assemble the unit and only 2 to 4 people to roll units up to 3500 lbs.


Whether the installation is a retrofit of an existing home, historic preservation, new custom home, commercial application or a unique solution, The Unico System delivers superior indoor comfort while preserving the architectural integrity of the structure.

Unico Inc. trains contractors who are dedicated to high-level, detailed, and ongoing training on The Unico System product line. Contractor knowledge and experience are critical to The Unico System operating at the highest level for years to come.
Comfort, value, and retention in the architectural integrity of your home or business are our missions. Your family and friends deserve the finest in home comfort available. The Unico System provides that comfort without compromise!

The new supply duct connection system reduces the steps and time involved in the installation process. Consisting of lock-and-release tabs making it easier and faster to assemble, Twist-Fit couplings are attached to lengths of sound attenuator or aluminum supply tubing by threading the base of the coupling into the inner core of the tubing. The internal insulation and outer mylar jacket of the supply tubing are then tucked into the rim of the Twist-Fit and the connection is secured with UL-181B foil tape. All tubing is supplied with couplings already attached from the factory.

Matching Twist-Fit couplings are attached to the desired plenum take-offs, outlet registers, or additional lengths of supply tubing. To make a connection, simply line up the tabs to their corresponding slots and twist clockwise until a click is heard. At least one Twist-Fit connector must have a gasket to prevent leakage.

Available in 3-Foot Sections

If you believe in the traditional saying that “time equals money” the Unico 3-foot sections of attenuator tubing are going to provide substantial savings in both areas. Because they are modular in design with quick connect fittings, they minimize the need for custom cuts and the production of time-consuming connections in the field. Check out the various benefits below of the Unico Twist Fit 3-foot tubes.

Another place Unico saves you time and money are in the area of ordering the various connection pieces to support the use of the 3-foot sectional pieces. No longer do you have to order all the individual pieces which can be both confusing and time consuming.

Whether your job or project requires 1 set of connectors or 6 sets, we have a Unico Kit for you.


The Fujitsu Airstage VRF is much more than ductless. Fujitsu’s 8-ton High Static Ducted Unit combined with an 8-ton J-IIIL is the perfect replacement for a standard horizontal 7.5-ton Unitary Split.

The benefits of this innovated unit include: Easier install vs standard split, 1/3 the physical dimensions of standard split, 100 lbs less than standard split, Secondary drain pan preinstalled, Integral connection points for hanging unit, Footprint of the outdoor unit is half that of a traditional unit, Greater installation flexibility, Max of 393’ between the indoor unit and outdoor unit, Max vertical lift, 164’ with outdoor unit higher than the indoor unit, 131’ with the outdoor unit lower than the indoor unit, Static Pressure up to 1.2”, Simpler Application, Heating rated to -4F. Back-up heat operation selectable from wall mounted UTY-RNRUZ4 wired remote control, Duct smoke detector input for emergency shutdown, The outdoor unit only requires a 40 amp 208-230/3 breaker, The indoor unit only requires a 15 amp 208-230/1 breaker, 10 Year Parts and Compressor Warranty (even in commercial applications.

As always, the Nixon Group appreciate your support and are eager to help in anyway they can. Get in touch with them at or! Call 770-331-0238 or 678-432-3042!