Bryan Davenport, Oxbox

The Year of the Ox: How To Keep Your HVAC Business Flourishing Throughout 2021

March 22, 2021

By: Bryan Davenport, General Manager at Oxbox

With 2021 being the Year of the Ox, there is much we can learn from this patient creature. The ox is a methodical team player and believes in prosperity acquired through hard work, integrity, and fair play. Drawing upon the ox’s desire to flourish, Oxbox has achieved success through its consistent efforts, along with ideals the ox has inspired, such as: commitment, patience, diligence, and contributing to the success of the team as a whole. Keeping these principles in mind, coupled with key customer and strategic sales considerations, Oxbox believes that contractors can increase their bottom line and build a prosperous HVAC business throughout 2021.

Bryan Davenport, Oxbox
Bryan Davenport

Going Digital

2020 has changed the way we live by forcing people to shop, work, and socialize virtually. The transition to digital has been extremely difficult for businesses, but Oxbox has been digitally driven for years. Since its launch in 2019, a distributed workforce has run Oxbox seamlessly, connecting virtually to ensure customers are taken care of. Because Oxbox employees reside in a variety of places and cover multiple time zones, digital operation is engrained into the team’s approach.

Ignited by changing behaviors the pandemic has brought on, a few ways that contractors can streamline a transition into digital sales include cultivating attractive websites, utilizing Google Local Business, leveraging social media to advertise, and keeping information up to date on all digital platforms. Since more people now than ever begin their search for HVAC products online, contractors will greatly benefit from appearing in search results. There are many companies who offer free basic website templates to get started. Customers can’t easily find your business if they can’t search for it and find it online! Google Local Business is a platform aimed towards local businesses where users can obtain place recommendations, publish their own photos and reviews, and view a business page for useful information. Contractors should consider investing in this type of targeted digital and social marketing to connect with their specific audience and customer base.

Serving Product Details on a Platter

The digital world now bleeds into the education of products and services. It is imperative that contractors educate their customers about their offerings, and ensure they have a clear understanding about what their customer needs are. On the note of education, contractors should always connect with distributors to learn about upcoming virtual seminars or other on-demand training opportunities to stay up to date with pertinent details. When possible, it’s helpful for contractors to utilize OEM portals and contractor-facing webpages to view the latest and greatest product information, images, videos, and other content straight from the manufactures, which can help with marketing efforts, as well.

Driving Convenience

When a product delivers accessibility and convenience, consumers will flock to it, as these qualities are top priorities for those who are looking into the installation and maintenance of their products. To drive convenience contractors should carry stock on critical items when possible. In the value space, affordability and availability are paramount, and having the product available can set you apart. To make the maintenance of products as streamlined as possible, contractors can offer simple how-to videos for consumers wanting to troubleshoot some common issues that they can self-correct—like changing a filter or fixing a thermostat.

Delivering Sustainability

To keep up with trends and the ever-changing needs of the consumer, contractors should always stay current with the products and services they are offering. For instance, it has been reported that consumers have started making more sustainably driven and ethical purchases since the start of the pandemic and will most likely continue to do so. With COVID-19 ushering in the era of the conscious customer, being mindful of these evolving behaviors and preferences is key. One great way to address this is for contractors to educate customers about how replacing an old, complex HVAC system, with a more simplified, affordable 14 SEER system, can make a huge difference to not only their carbon footprint but also to their wallet over the years.

While the Year of the Ox will prove to bring plenty of opportunities along with new challenges, if contractors keep these considerations top of mind, their HVAC business will flourish throughout 2021 and into the future.