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Thermasi – The Evolution of Heating

June 22, 2019

In business and life, we all must constantly evolve, or we will be left behind, or worse, die out. Electric forced air heating has not changed or evolved much in the last one hundred years; it is basically a toaster with a blower on it delivering an energy hungry “cool” heat. Enter Thermasi and the Evolution of Heating.

The engineering team at Thermasi knew that there must be a better, more comfortable way to deliver forced air heat using electric as the heat source. They have created such a system while also answering the problem of the ever-increasing size of A-Coils. Thermasi, has managed to make their equipment more efficient while delivering supply temperature in line with gas furnaces, without overcomplicating and cluttering the equipment.

Thermasi, as a new forced air heating solution, is regularly training contractors and technicians to install and work on their modular, highly efficient, thermal mass furnace/air handler. The most common feedback Thermasi gets from these training sessions is how straight forward and uncomplicated their equipment is designed. Contractors are always excited about the install options and serviceability of the Thermasi furnace.

With A-Coils getting larger and creating installation issues for contractors Thermasi has come up with the solution; modular, heating chambers joined with an air handler that allows space to accommodate the changing A-Coil sizes. The Thermasi forced air heating solution can be installed in any number of configurations which include placing the heat source on the return side of the system.

The evolution of electric forced air heating systems must also include the comfort of the people residing in the space. Thermasi systems take advantage of thermal mass and special design features to provide comfortable warm heat delivering “gas temperature” heat while using electric as the power source.

Using the modular installation options and the elevated supply temperatures are how Thermasi is working to further the evolution of heating; to align with the efficient and comfort needs of today’s home. To learn more about the Thermasi forced air heating system check out or call 314-602-7454.