Vaisala HMD60 Series

Vaisala Widens Its Product Offering for Demanding HVAC and Light Industrial Applications

May 03, 2019

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurements, introduced today three new duct-mounted product models for demanding HVAC and light industrial applications such as museums, cleanrooms, data centers, and laboratories. The new products complement the previously launched HMD60 Series products with new features and enhanced usability.

Vaisala HMD60 Series
Vaisala HMD60 Series

The new Vaisala HMD60 and Vaisala TMD60 are broadening the HMD60 Series product portfolio. The HMD60 measures humidity and temperature and the TMD60 is dedicated to temperature measurements only. Both models come with two optional probe lengths: a long or a short probe, which is optimized specifically for small ducts. The transmitters are fully configurable and scalable, which enables users to get precisely the needed parameter and scale without having to know the exact application requirements when placing the order.

The third new model, Vaisala HMD65, will replace two current products, Vaisala HMD70U and Vaisala HMD70Y. The HMD65 has a long probe suitable for larger ducts and in addition to Modbus RTU, the transmitter features a standardized BACnet protocol enabling easy installation.

All the newly introduced transmitters are based on leading thin-film capacitive humidity sensor technology, HUMICAP®. The transmitters incorporate the latest HUMICAP® R2 sensor for improved stability, accuracy, and long-term reliability.

The three products have a wide range of humidity parameters available, including relative humidity (RH), absolute humidity, dew point, enthalpy, wet bulb temperature, and mixing ratio. They also have enhanced measurement accuracy up to ±1.5 %RH and ±0.1 °C (±0.18 °F). The transmitters’ all-metal bodies are IP66 rated, corrosion resistant and they withstand water jets (NEMA4X). The probes enable easy maintenance, when the electronics can be accessed without removing the units from the duct.

“The combination of the HMD60 Series transmitters’ high accuracy, stability and reliable operation makes the product series an ideal choice for demanding HVAC applications. The newly launched transmitters’ two probe lengths, wide range of humidity parameters and easy configuration with improved stability enriches the product portfolio for our customers and widens the installation possibilities,” says Product Manager Lars Stormbom from Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements.

The HMD60 Series transmitters can be configured and adjusted by using the complimentary Vaisala Insight PC Software. The field calibration is easy with trimmers or with the Vaisala Handheld Humidity Meter HM70 when needed. All the launched product models come with a traceable (ISO9001) calibration certificates. Accredited (ISO17025) calibration is also available.

Vaisala HUMICAP® HMD60, TMD60 and HMD65 are available on April 29, 2019.

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