Christian Smith of Air One Heating & Cooling

Venstar at Flick Distribution

September 09, 2020

Christian Smith of Air One Heating and Cooling is sold on the Venstar T7900 residential model thermostat. While in the process of purchasing one at Flick Distributing in Gretna, I asked Christian what he liked about this thermostat. Christian replied, “There are so many great things about the T7900 Venstar it’s hard to single out just one feature that I like. It is a high-resolution digital thermostat with a full color touch screen display. It handles up to 2 Stages of cooling and 4 stages of heat. That means it works with gas, electric, heat pump, dual fuel, whatever you need on the job. It is switchable from programmable to non-programmable. That is just a few of the things it can do. It also has built in Wi-Fi, it controls humidity, works with remote or outdoor sensors, and does lots of other things.”

Christian Smith of Air One Heating & Cooling
Christian Smith of Air One Heating & Cooling

Christian added, “Besides being a great thermostat, the T7900 speaks English, Spanish or French, it has customizable screensaver and wallpaper features, and has a drop down weather and forecast screen. The T7900 will communicate with your Wi-Fi router and can be accessible from any PC or from your iPhone by using the free Venstar smartphone apps. You can even track energy usage, set high and low temperature alerts. It even gives you the ability to text-message your thermostat screen if you ever have the need.”

Christian concluded, “This is one great thermostat. We do not use this feature very much, but the T9700 thinks it is a digital picture frame. You can load up to 100 photos into the thermostat. You can customize the background and even change the color of the faceplate to black, silver or burl wood. Some of these additional features do require the purchase of accessories to add to the basic thermostat cost, but the guys at Flick Distributing can help you with any of those situations.”

For more information on the Venstar thermostat line you can visit George Fenasci and Nathan Jodry at 2007 South Whitney Avenue in Gretna or call them at 504-520-8001.