Dylan and Wes Humphries with the Lennox Orlando District Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018.
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Wes Humphries Awarded Lennox’s District Lifetime Achievement Award

March 04, 2019

Wes Humphries, owner of All Weather Heating & Cooling in Ocala, FL was awarded the Lennox Orlando District Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018 on January 16 of this year. In front of his All Weather employees, Orlando District Manager Pat Kane, Tim Sarko, Field Technical Consultant and Ingrid Berkley, Territory Manager presented the award. Wes was honored and humbled to accept this recognition.

Dylan and Wes Humphries with the Lennox Orlando District Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018.
Dylan and Wes Humphries with the Lennox Orlando District Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018.

“Wes is an incredibly hard working and passionate man that puts his all into his employees, his business and his customers,” said Tim Sarko during the award presentation. “He was the one that introduced me to the Lennox brand so you can say it is because of him that I work for Lennox.”

Wes Humphries started his career in HVAC in 1981 with Pelham Heating & Cooling in Pelham, GA, learning from owner Thornton King who taught him the ropes. Later on, he went to work with his friend Nick Jacmacjian at East Coast Services in Pompano Beach, FL from 1986-1992. Wes started A All Weather in Broward county in 1992. “After Hurricane Andrew many companies left Broward county. I had a customer hire me for a job and demanded I install a Lennox,” Wes stated. He didn’t have a Lennox account, so he visited the Lennox store to open one up. “I was very impressed with the quality workmanship of Lennox. That first air handler I bought was the best built piece of equipment I had seen.” stated Wes. Originally, Wes had no intentions of opening an account with Lennox but he never looked back.
Eventually, Wes decided to close up shop in south Florida and start from scratch in Ocala. In March of 2001 he opened All Weather. “It was not an easy start. I purchased a full page Yellow Pages ad with all my savings and the phone did not ring for weeks.” recounts Wes. However, inclement weather hit the area and Wes was the only company answering the phone after 5 p.m. or on weekends. “We grew thanks to that niche service.” All Weather is now a booming HVAC company doing both residential and commercial work in the Ocala area.

Wes’ son Dylan Humphries is learning the business so he can take over when Wes retires. Dylan is currently a student at University of Florida’s Construction Management program and is looking forward to taking the reins of All Weather in the future. Dylan says he has an incredible role model in his dad. “My father knew what he wanted to pursue. After learning from his mentor the ropes of HVAC and seeing first hand Mr. King exemplify the attributes of self-reliance, work ethic, and ownership, my dad had an epiphany – he aspired to become a mechanical contractor. My dad dedicated himself to the trade, doing his due diligence, in order to one day himself own an air conditioning firm. I am proud of how he has become a provider of community growth while also providing for his team, his family, and his loved ones.”