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Winsupply Acquires Hydrologic Distribution Company

October 11, 2022

Winsupply’s strategic growth continues with the company’s largest year of acquisition investments.

Hydrologic Distribution Company joins the Winsupply Family of Companies
with 12 locations servicing plumbing contractors throughout the state of
Florida. Collectively, the locations have a quarter billion dollars in
annual revenue.

“To find a company whose culture aligns so perfectly with Winsupply is a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said John McKenzie, President, Winsupply
Inc. “I can’t wait for customers and contractors in the Florida market to
see what we will be able to accomplish together.”

Supported by six regional distribution centers around the country,
Winsupply has the unique ability to provide each newly acquired location
with timely product availability, not previously attainable.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with such an incredible
company,” said Christopher Lynch, President, Hydrologic Distribution
Company. “From the moment I first met the Winsupply leadership team, I
found a group of hungry yet humble entrepreneurs that believed in honest,
good old-fashioned hard work. Winsupply’s one-of-a-kind structure positions
Hydrologic’s current companies to be even more successful going forward.”

“Every now and then I meet people and think to myself.” that’s a Winsupply
person but they just don’t know it yet. A Winsupply person is
entrepreneurial, full of energy, caring and driven to help others succeed,”
said Monte Salsman, President, Winsupply Acquisition Group. “When I met the
team at Hydrologic, this is exactly what I felt. Hydrologic is filled with
people who believe what Winsupply believes.”

About Winsupply

Winsupply is one of America’s leading suppliers of
materials for residential and commercial construction and owns a majority
equity stake in more than 650 local companies across the United States.
Collectively, Winsupply is known as “The Winsupply Family of Companies” and
includes Win-branded locations, Noland Company, Carr Supply, Security
Plumbing & Heating Supply, APCO, and other regional suppliers the company
has acquired. The companies conduct business-to-business wholesale
distribution of supplies and materials in plumbing and heating; hydronics;
pipe, valves and fittings; HVAC and refrigeration; electrical; fastening
hardware; waterworks and utility; pumps; turf irrigation and landscape; and
fire system fabrication. Follow Winsupply on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
YouTube and Instagram.

About Hydrologic

Owned and operated in Tampa, FL, Hydrologic Distribution
Company is a trusted partner for numerous small businesses and
entrepreneurs throughout Central Florida. Originally a small enterprise
working from a single facility, we’ve quickly grown into multiple local
branches, which allow us to provide fast, specialized service to each of
our valued customers.

At Hydrologic, we’re dedicated to building win-win relationships with our
clients, vendors and employees. With a strong commitment to inventory,
integrity and innovation, we’ve earned a top reputation for delivering the
best products faster than any other local provider. We’re also well known
for providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, because we strive
to create strong relationships that stand the test of time.