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Winsupply News: From Golden Nugget to Blue Berry

January 03, 2024

Dayton, OH (January 3, 2024) – Winsupply Inc., one of the largest distributors in the nation, is keeping with its philosophy of helping courageous, capable, hardworking entrepreneurs succeed.

After purchasing the former location of the Golden Nugget Pancake House at 2932 S. Dixie Drive, Dayton, Ohio, 45409, Winsupply has identified the perfect local entrepreneurs to continue serving the Miami Valley with award-winning food and service.

Blue Berry Cafe, currently a Bellbrook staple, plans to open its doors at this new Kettering location in the coming months.

“We understand the importance of this location to our community,” said Bill Tolliver, Real Estate Services and In-House Counsel, Winsupply Inc. “In seeking restaurateurs who share our values and commitment, we found the perfect match with Blue Berry Cafe. Their reputation for excellent food and service precedes them, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about what this means for our neighborhood.”

As Blue Berry Cafe opens in this iconic location, guests can still expect their famous “big as your plate” pancakes, made-to-order omelets, and signature muffins. In addition, the Cafe plans to open a newly remodeled Bellbrook location in the coming months, a gesture of gratitude and commitment to the community that has supported them, especially through the challenges of the pandemic.

“My family has co-owned and operated Dayton restaurants since 1975,” said Kelley Andary and Ray Jean, owners of Blue Berry Cafe. “We’re deeply grateful for Winsupply’s belief in our work ethic and vision. Our passion is bringing people together over great meals, creating a space where the community feels at home. We’re excited to maintain our presence in Bellbrook while embarking on this new journey in Kettering.”

“We are very excited about this opportunity and plan to open as soon as our friends in Kettering and Montgomery County sign off on the appropriate permits and licensing,” Tolliver said.

About Winsupply: Winsupply is in the business of creating and enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through wholesale distribution. We call this “The Spirit of Opportunity,” which motivates every business decision.

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