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Fieldcode Revolutionizes Collaboration in Field Service Management with Partnership-Focused Features

January 02, 2024
Matthias Lübko, CEO of Fieldcode

Fieldcode, a leading provider of field service management (FSM) software, offers a suite of innovative features designed to enhance transparency and productivity among field service teams, partners, subcontractors, and freelancers. These features, spanning system connection, cooperation partners, account partner, and partner portal, enable businesses to optimize resource utilization, accelerate project timelines, and deliver exceptional customer service.

“In today’s dynamic field service landscape, collaboration is not just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of success,” said Matthias Lübko, CEO of Fieldcode. “Our unique partnership-focused features empower businesses to seamlessly integrate external teams, subcontractors, and freelancers into their field service operations, ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal by using the same workflows and tools.”

  1. System Connection: Bridging Information Silos for Unified Workflows

Fieldcode’s system connection seamlessly integrates with external IT Service Management (ITSM), ERP, and CRM systems, eliminating data silos and fostering a unified workflow. This integration enables real-time data exchange, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest information, leading to faster responses and more accurate decision-making. Bidirectional API connections automate workflows, reducing manual data entry and the potential for errors.

  1. Cooperation Partners: Harmonizing Efforts Across Multiple Stakeholders

The Cooperation Partners feature enables different Fieldcode accounts to collaborate seamlessly, regardless of their organizational affiliation. This is particularly valuable in complex projects involving multiple stakeholders, such as utility companies collaborating with subcontractors for specialized repairs or installations. Clear visibility and access to shared projects and tickets ensure that everyone is aligned, minimizing miscommunication and task duplication.

  1. Account Partner: Unified Teams for Accelerated Progress

The Account Partner feature facilitates seamless collaboration within the same Fieldcode account, uniting teams operating under a shared organizational umbrella. Specific access permissions allow businesses to define what their account partners can see and do, ensuring that information is shared in a controlled and secure manner. This promotes coordinated efforts and a unified approach towards achieving project objectives, accelerating progress and leading to higher-quality outcomes.

  1. Partner Portal: Simplified Reporting for Diverse Workforces

The Partner Portal, equipped with the One-Time Reporting Token, eliminates the need for temporary workers, subcontractors, and freelancers to create Fieldcode accounts. With a unique, one-time token provided via email, these external team members can securely submit a single ticket, accelerating reporting and ensuring that everyone contributes effectively. Customizable reporting forms ensure precise data capture, even for non-permanent employees.

About Fieldcode:

Fieldcode is a smart field service management (FSM) software provider that leverages 20 years of global field service expertise. The software transforms technology enterprises with precision and intelligence across all aspects of service management. Unlike traditional licensing models, its license-free, unique pay-per-event model significantly reduces cost. Moreover, the company’s software per se combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to support customers’ CO2 reduction goals and promote a positive impact on the environment.