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Zaretsky Engineering Solutions Joins Johnson Controls-Hitachi Manufacturers’ Sales Rep Team

May 28, 2019

Johnson Controls-Hitachi is pleased to announce that Zaretsky Engineering Solutions will be the new manufacturers’ representative for Hitachi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems and SmartFlex™ Mini-Split systems in southern California, including the Los Angeles and San Diego markets.

Hitachi VRF systems offer engineers, mechanical contractors, and building owners a cost-effective and energy-efficient HVAC choice with multiple advantages which include:

  • A modular design that enables systems to be customized to each project’s exact requirements. Options include heat pump and heat recovery systems and a host of fan coil choices.
  • Design freedom. Options include ducted systems with short or long runs as well as non-ducted systems that require much less plenum space (reducing construction costs and increasing alternatives).
  • Energy savings, on average, up to 39% compared to conventional systems.
  • Impressively quiet, personalized comfort delivered with precision to each zone.

About Hitachi

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About Zaretsky Engineering Solutions

“ZES has always been an active participant in VRF projects, including our Building Automation work, our Commissioning efforts, and through our Test and Balance services” added Andrew Beggs, COO of ZES, ”Having the Hitachi products to offer alongside our other premier services and products such as Aircuity, Phoenix Controls, and Cylon-Automatrix means we be will be of even greater value to design engineers, building owners and contractors.”

Zaretsky Engineering Solutions began in 2012 by Roman Zaretsky, a respected mechanical engineer with vast experience in HVAC solutions. The Fountain Valley-based company’s focus and goal from the start was to provide the highest quality of technical expertise and support, as well as exceptional customer satisfaction and service. Phoenix Controls was the first product line that ZES distributed, but soon after ZES added a full suite of critical space solutions including Aircuity and MK Plastic. ZES also provides BMS integration services with their Cylon-Automatrix controls products, as well as other many other HVAC products including air handlers, chilled beams, and PIC valves.

For more information, please visit or contact Andrew