Winsupply Rio Grande

A New Different Kind of Supply House is Opening in the Rio Grande Valley

April 01, 2021

Winsupply Rio Grande Valley opened its doors to HVAC contractors on 1/1/21 with the goal of helping coworkers, contractors and the community Win. Founded by Valley based business partners Joseph Midkiff and Ernie Pena, this locally owned and operated business is backed by the Winsupply family of companies.

Winsupply Rio GrandeAs soon as the business was formed, Ernie and Joseph outlined 5 central principles of the business – people (always come first), place (community engagement), process (efficiency and creativity), product (quality and value) and profit (respect for capital). These guiding principles aim to ensure that Winsupply RGV will make a positive impact on employees, customers, owners, vendors and the Rio Grande Valley for decades to come.

In addition to traditional metrics, Winsupply RGV has a unique way of gauging success. Having a robust partnership with the local Food Bank, the founders track meals as closely as dollars. For every air conditioning system sold, the business commits 10-12 meals to feed the hungry in the community. Through programs like Maytag Meals for the Valley, Frigidaire Feeds the Valley and a number of supplies programs, Winsupply is aiming to provide over 20,000 meals in 2021 alone. The company founders like to say that “making money is a means to making a difference.”

Winsupply RGV is a distributor of heating and cooling systems and supplies including Maytag and Frigidaire branded systems. The company is located in Mission, TX at 906 Trinity St Ste B.