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Airmaster Introduces Helpful Ventilation and Portable Cooling Device Guidelines Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

June 30, 2020

Airmaster, a leading manufacturer of air circulation and ventilation fan solutions, published a series of guidelines and best practices for increasing ventilation in the workplace during the COVID-19 crisis.

AIrmaster COVID-19 graphicAccording to the guidelines, since outdoor air is highly unlikely to be contaminated by the virus that causes COVID-19, increasing ventilation and creating a dilution strategy for a workplace can be very effective. It can be accomplished using permanent equipment such as wall fans, roof ventilators or the temporary use of large mancoolers that are placed in open doors. Below are the major points that are fully explained in, “5 Best Practices for Operating Ventilation and Portable Cooling Devices during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic”:

  • Do NOT Disable Ventilation Equipment.
  • Remember to Use Common Sense when Using Ventilation Equipment.
  • Air Velocity and Direction Should Be Used in Tandem.
  • Cross Ventilation is an Effective Method where Personnel are Moving.
  • For Using Air Circulators, Low Speeds and Airflow Direction Must Also be Considered.

“In addition to all the necessary personal protection equipment and proper hygiene recommendations, we at Airmaster wanted to provide precise and practical guidelines for safe ventilation that employers and employees can easily reference,” said Greg Helbling, vice president of sales and marketing at Airmaster. “As our nation continues to fight this pandemic, these best practices can help create a healthier workplace by increasing the amount of fresh air entering a workspace and reducing the spread of contamination.”

To read these best practices in their entirety, click here. 

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