Ryan Kiscaden, TRC Executive Director

America’s Top Mercury Containing Thermostat Replacement Expert Pens Marketing, Business Management, Environmental Book

December 13, 2018

Ryan L. Kiscaden, American’s top expert on the replacement of mercury-containing thermostats, has written an inside look on his experiences. “Stay the Course: Lessons through Marketing, Business and Environmental Briefs” provides insightful observations from an insider who straddles the energy/HVACR business and environmental world.

Ryan Kiscaden, TRC Executive Director
Ryan Kiscaden, TRC Executive Director

Kiscaden, as executive director of Thermostat Recycling Corp., (TRC) is known throughout the energy and HVACR industry as an expert on driving an organization that has been highly successful at removing hazardous mercury thermostats from the environmental stream. Less known, until the release of “Stay the Course,” are his thoughtful observations backed by 10 years of experience in marketing and managing people in the HVACR and environmental industry.

“When I had to confront a problem, I sometimes felt a quick dose of advice or a guidebook that might help me avoid a misstep was sorely needed,” said Kiscaden. “I’m familiar with today’s business gurus, but often their reputation was built decades ago, and the advice was too general. I deliberately wrote ‘Stay the Course’ to be the kind of advice book that I found lacking. The goal was simple: pithy, practical advice that can be applied in the workplace. It is a shortcut to give me an edge against the competition or simply to feed my appetite for practical business advice,” said Kiscaden.

“The gurus are great, but often they made their reputations long ago. I wanted to share my experience with feet firmly implanted in the real world, writing in simple, clear, bite-size lessons.”

Kiscaden has deep HVACR industry experience. He held a management role with APR Supply Co., a major mid-Atlantic HVACR wholesaler before joining TRC. He is a graduate of Heating, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International Emerging Leaders Program and a member of its Controls Council.

“’Stay the Course’ is an ideal introduction that captures the spirit, challenges, and direction of the HVACR business,” said one longtime industry observer.

The book is available on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle editions.