The Bard Q-TEC indoor/floor mounted packaged unit

Bard Q-TEC DX HP, New and Updated Model Introduction

March 03, 2021

AccuAir, Inc., a Bard heating and cooling systems specialist and distributor serving educational and commercial customers throughout Florida, has announced the introduction of the new, updated Q-TEC models to its Indoor Mount Heat Pump product line.

The Bard Q-TEC indoor/floor mounted packaged unit
The Bard Q-TEC indoor/floor mounted packaged unit

The Q-TEC is an indoor / floor mounted, packaged indoor unit listed under AHRI-390 (SPVH) designed for new construction, renovation projects for schools, modular buildings and light commercial buildings.

Frank Suranyi, AccuAir’s Engineered Products Manager, points out that the “Single Package Vertical Heat Pump Unit” is not a new concept, but the updated Q-TEC DX unit has several new exclusive features and upgrades making it a superior product choice for the educational marketplace. For single-zone applications to improve occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption, the Q-TEC product line is uniquely well suited for classrooms, assembly halls and other large areas requiring cooling, heating, ventilation and humidity control.

The Q-TEC is a more budget-friendly system that offers high-end features and valuable benefits to users and occupants of facilities.

Q-TEC Upgrades

  • Floor mounted, vertical, indoor unit that fits neatly by an exterior wall with aesthetic outdoor louver for ventilation
  • Ease of installation: A single package unit including various factory installed ventilation options and integral energy recovery ventilator (ERV)
  • Space saving: Vertical configuration requires very little floor space, utilizing vertical space instead
  • Ease of installation with no field assembly required, including duct free supply plenum or vertical supply with connection to ductwork
  • Retrofitting existing buildings is a snap with an existing window opening being used to provide intake/exhaust of fresh air ventilation
  • The unit is quiet enough for the smallest classroom and powerful enough for large office spaces, community and civic halls, places of worship and other similar facilities
  • Ventilation: ERV per ASHRAE 62.1 and FL Bldg. Code Chapter 4, independent adjustment to supply and exhaust air for room pressurization to limit outdoor air infiltration
  • Custom color finishes for the ventilation louver, including N.O.A. Miami-Dade hurricane rating if required
  • Occupancy based control of outside air provides precise ventilation to each classroom
  • Highly efficient AHRI Certified Energy Recovery Wheel minimizes, reduces energy costs and increases comfort while meeting ventilation code requirements
  • Numerous controllers and controls options
  • Protective coil coating options
  • Optional MERV-13 filter options
  • Rollers make the unit easy to move

Engineered Features

  • Environmentally friendly non-fiberglass, foil faced insulation
  • New design, whisper quiet operation
  • Two aesthetic front doors open 180 degrees for easy service
  • 11.0 EER efficiency to meet the latest DOE energy mandates
  • HGRH mechanical dehumidification with electronic expansion valve (EEV)
  • Easy filter access
  • Enclosed condenser motor with ball bearings
  • High efficiency Scroll compressor
  • Green Fin Hydrophilic evaporator coil (mold & mildew prevention and superior water run-off)
  • Balanced Climate TM Technology; adjustable for high latent cooling, increased moisture removal capacity
  • Available sizes: 2.0 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3.0 Ton, 4.0 Ton, 5.0 Ton
  • Available voltages: 230-1-60, 230-3-60, 460-3-60

For additional information and or design assistance please contact: AccuAir, Inc. Engineered Products Manager Frank Suranyi, MBA, Member ASHRAE; 407-259-0089,