Butcher Distributors dealers on Trane factory tour.

Butcher Distributors’ Dealers Learn Why It’s Hard to Stop a Trane

May 01, 2019

Trane has been rated as one of the most reliable and trusted brands for the past 5 years according to Lifestory Research 2019 America’s Most Trusted Study. Butcher Distributors brought several of its Trane Dealers on a Trane Quality Tour so they could see firsthand how Trane earns this recognition and why “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane.”

Butcher Distributors dealers on Trane factory tour.
Butcher Distributors dealers on Trane factory tour.

During the two-day trip attendees toured Trane’s various testing labs, walked through Trane’s manufacturing facility, and networked with several product engineers. They gained insight into the high-quality standards of Trane’s manufacturing process; saw how Trane components, units, and systems are vigorously tested; and received in-depth product knowledge from factory employees and product engineers.

The two-day trip began on a charter bus loaded with refreshments, movies, and good company. The trip to Tyler, TX included a stop at the Country Tavern where dealers enjoyed a delicious barbeque dinner. The next morning dealers met with product engineers and Trane corporate personnel. Dealers then broke into small groups and began the tour of the facility. They walked through product testing labs, including Trane’s state of the art SEET Facility, and engaged with product engineers throughout the tour. After visiting the testing laboratory, dealers enjoyed a quick lunch and moved on to the main tour of the manufacturing facility. Dealers got a glimpse of Spine Fin machines, Powder Paint booths, and unit assembly lines. At the days end Dealers and Butcher employees enjoyed dinner at Villa Montez.

Day two included high-level training from Trane product leaders and engineers. The dealers spent quality time with engineers and product specialists learning about products and troubleshooting. They had the opportunity to share their experiences of using Trane products in the field with Trane experts. The feedback provided by dealers during the tour is vital to help Trane continuously improve their product line. After two educational days at Trane’s factory, dealers returned home. Talk to a Butcher TM for information on how you attend the factory tour next year.