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Baker FCS Conducts ICP Commercial Classes

Baker FCS conducted ICP commercial classes at select locations in Florida recently. Larry Spencer, Jeff Inman, Michael Murphy, Jon Dion, Dusty Touchton, Chris Mason, Eric Washburn and David Miller of Baker FCS in Clearwater. Topics ranged from an overview of the ICP commercial product offering and variable frequency drives to end user benefits such as commercial financing, extended warranties and Section 179 tax advantages. Attendees also gained an understanding of the industry’s first new x-vane… Read More

Don’t File Suit in the Wrong Court, Jurisdictional Changes as of January 1

Reprinted from the April 2019 Cotney Construction Law Update Changes in Florida state law and the Florida Rules of Procedure took effect January 1, 2020, changing where a variety of court actions are heard. Last year, county courts in Florida had jurisdiction over claims up to $15,000 and Florida’s circuit courts had jurisdiction over claims in excess of $15,000. The limit on claims that could be brought in small claims court was $5,000. For the… Read More

MACCA Workshop Features Leadership, Recruiting and Branding

The Manasota Air Conditioning Contractors Association (MACCA) contractor workshop held January 30, 2020 featured guest speakers Matt Michel, founder of Service Nation and Service Nation trainers Vicki and John LaPlant. Service Nation Founder Matt Michel, MACCA Executive Director Robin Parsons and Service Nation trainers Vicki and John LaPlant. Topics included: “The difference between being a manager and a leader” explored that both managers and leaders are necessary in a company and sometimes must be filled… Read More

April is Duct Season in Florida

While every home’s HVAC system presents unique considerations, ducts in Florida homes present some special challenges for contractors and homeowners. Ductwork in most Florida homes built in the last 25 years is located in the attic. Not only is this part of the home typically tight quarters for technicians to work in, but its sweltering temperature presents safety concerns. For this reason, contractors find that April is a good time to leverage the final moments… Read More

From the Inside

March has always been a special time for me in my adult life. First, on March 26, 1950, Jean and I were married. This year would have been our 70th anniversary had she lived. Second, our youngest son, Bob, was born on the night of our fifth anniversary, completing the growth of our family of five. Third, it always meant that spring was not far away and the cold weather would soon be gone. Hot… Read More

Baker FCS Hosts Gree Troubleshooting Training

Photos by Craig Naylor Baker FCS hosted Gree troubleshooting classes in several of their markets as part of their Baker University training offerings during February 2020. Dusty Touchton, Jon Dion, Eddie Rodriguez, Gerry Wagner, Michael Murphy, ChrisMason, Bob Boelk, Eric Washburn, Kenny Wallingford of Baker FCS at the west Florida session. Conducted by Gerry Wagner, Vice President of Technical Training at Wasco, the four-hour sessions covered outdoor unit and indoor unit main board diagnostics, testing… Read More