Neal Williams and Josh Stafford

ComfortStar Allegria Gold at Solar in Gulfport

January 07, 2021

Neal Williams and Josh Stafford have a good stock of the ComfortStar Allegria Gold mini split heat pump units at their store located at 2111 29th Street in Gulfport.

Neal Williams and Josh Stafford
Neal Williams and Josh Stafford

Mr. Williams explained “Advances in inverter technology have made mini-split heat pump systems among the highest efficiency heating and air conditioning systems available in the market. By modulating the frequency of a compressor according to the heat load of the conditioned space, a compressor can reduce the amount of work it does to reach its set temperature. This results in longer compressor life and increased energy savings. Mini-splits are ideal when making additions to a home, since expanding existing ductwork can often be problematic. Mini splits are also very practical for light commercial applications, such as hotel rooms, office spaces, malls, and hospitals. As a result, they are catching on in our market area. Our dealers like the ComfortStar line for a variety of reasons. Particularly important to them is that ComfortStar makes product training available at nearby Solar Supply locations. They also like the interactive displays that show error codes on system failures, dirty filters, system leaks, and auto defrost.”

Josh Stafford added, “Our dealers tell us the Allegria Gold are easy to install with the 2-way draining and the 3-directional air flow. Once they are installed our dealers especially like the self-diagnosis feature that will shut down the unit and switch into protection mode if it detects abnormalities. The display will show an error code depending on the type of protection the unit is in. The unit is smart enough to continue to operate if a non-critical component fails, such as a sensor. This is a big plus when the dealer is busy.”

Neal and Josh invite you to visit them at their store in Gulfport or call them at 228-868-7358.