ESCO refrigeration simulation
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Introducing Refrigeration Simulation from ESCO

January 07, 2021

All highly effective HVACR service technicians have one thing in common. They have all developed exceptional critical thinking and reasoning skills. One proven way to develop and improve these cognitively grounded skills is by practicing, and ultimately mastering, a series of self-directed and self-actualized exercises that encourage advanced thought process development. Exposing the future and incumbent workforce to scenarios that simulate the very workplace conditions and situations that HVACR technicians commonly encounter in the field, helps engrain the mindset required for success in them.

ESCO refrigeration simulation
ESCO refrigeration simulation

In a safe and comfortable environment, simulation platforms give learners, on an individualized, self-regulated and self-paced basis, the opportunity to practice the procedures that they are, and will be, required to perform in the field. This is why ESCO is so very excited our highly interactive and intuitive HVACR 3D Training package.

The HVACR 3D training package helps users develop highly desired cognitive skills while providing students and practicing technicians with a mechanism to safety learn and practice the processes and procedures directly related to the servicing and troubleshooting of commercial refrigeration systems.

Being accessible from anywhere, with a computer, smartphone or tablet, students can learn at their own pace, or reinforce what they learn in class, creating the perfect platform for any blended educational environment. Here are some key features of this six-module program:

  • The 6 modules are delivered one at a time, with each new section being unlocked as the previous section is completed. This feature ensures that the program is completed as intended.
  • Each module consists of a mentor feature which guides the learner through each process. They say that practice makes perfect, but this is not necessarily true. If you don’t practice correctly, you cannot possible learn correctly. This feature makes certain that users practice correctly.
  • After the mentor section has been successfully completed, the program allows users to practice, and master, the procedure on their own.
  • At the end of each module there is a knowledge check. The knowledge check for each module must be completed before the next module can be unlocked.
  • Within the subscription period, users have the ability to go back and review any completed modules as many times as desired.
  • A completion certificate and feedback section will open after the final quiz is completed.
  • There is a leaderboard feature which allows users to post their scores publicly, if desired.

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