Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) Changes Name to Association for Smarter Homes & Buildings (ASHB)

August 04, 2023

How to retrofit a refrigeration system with one of the new environmentally friendly refrigerants. Numerous new refrigerants are being introduced to the market or are set to make an appearance, in response to EPA regulations.

One of the downsides to retrofitting a system with a new refrigerant is that there will be a compromise on system efficiency and performance. Ideally, you would replace the entire system to maximize performance and take advantage of the unique qualities of the new refrigerant. This would certainly be the case with the A2L refrigerants.

When this is the case, one option would include a refrigerant retrofit to comply with the new regulations. That begs the question, where do I start?

Sporlan has several places for you to find good information on retrofits. Watch the YouTube video Everything an HVACR Tech Needs to Know on Refrigerants: Regulations, Retrofits & Design Changes. Or visit our Climate control blogs HVACR Tech Tip: Considering a Refrigeration System Retrofit? Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. And, if you still need information on retrofits, read System Considerations for Refrigerant Blends with Temperature Glide, Theory and Practical Retrofit Guidance by John Withouse.