Daikin Comfort Technologies Co-sponsors National HVACR Education Conference

April 11, 2024
Jeff Bledsoe (c.) of Daikin with the Taiko drummer team

The National HVACR Education Conference, hosted by HVAC Excellence, witnessed a historic turnout as HVACR educators, trainers, and industry professionals gathered in Las Vegas to explore the dynamic changes shaping the HVACR sector.

Organizing an international training event demands thousands of hours of meticulous planning and coordination, alongside a significant financial investment. However, turning these plans into reality requires exceptional partnerships – bringing together companies that may typically compete for sales but unite around the common goal of advancing HVACR education.

Among the many leading manufacturers, associations, and groups present, HVAC Excellence gives special recognition to Daikin Comfort Technologies. They showcased an unwavering commitment to HVACR education with a team of over fifty (50) members dedicated to enlightening attendees.

Established in 2007, the HVAC Excellence National HVACR Education Conference was designed to support those on the frontline of HVACR education, to keep their programs current and relevant. As the industry continued to experience rapid changes, the conference’s mission expanded to include professionals seeking to stay informed about equipment, controls, refrigerants, regulations, codes, teaching strategies, and technologies.

Recognizing the swift pace of technological advancements, Daikin took a significant step in enhancing its support for education by co-sponsoring the conference. Their fifty plus team members engaged attendees with valuable insights, innovations, and educational resources aimed at empowering professionals to thrive in the evolving HVACR landscape.

To ensure an unforgettable experience for all, Daikin hosted an opening reception celebrating their 100 years of excellence and innovation in the HVACR industry. Attendees were treated to a performance by Taiko drummer, symbolizing both the company’s 100th anniversary and its rich cultural heritage.

Over the subsequent three days of the event, the Daikin Technical Training Team, alongside professionals from various manufacturers, associations, and industry groups, delivered over 100 sessions and showcased the future of the HVACR industry through an exposition.

As the 2024 National HVACR Education Conference draws to a close, preparations for the 2025 event, scheduled for March 16-19, 2025, are already in full swing. Leading professionals interested in contributing to the future of our industry can find more information at