Gregory Scott Newsome

Dexwet Partners with Energy Consulting Firm to Offer HVAC Professionals Innovative Solution

August 23, 2021

Dexwet Holdings (Dexwet), an innovative air filtration and technology company, is excited to announce a new partnership with DaBx Demand Side Solutions (DaBx), an energy consulting and manufacturing representative firm. As Dexwet’s first independent sales partner in the U.S.A, DaBx will introduce Dexwet Pure Air Filters to HVAC companies, territory managers, and distributors who want to expand their product line and offer customers an exclusive new air filtration technology.

Gregory Scott Newsome
Gregory Scott Newsome

Dexwet Pure Air Filters provide HVAC professionals an affordable, sustainable, and flexible product that can be customized to provide superior filtration for commercial and residential customers. The technology is uniquely engineered for easy installation on outflow vents where it is proven to improve air quality by capturing nanofine airborne particles without restricting airflow.

“We are proud of our Pure Air Filters because this innovative approach to removing dangerous particles, viruses, and bacteria will revolutionize consumers’ expectations for clean indoor air. Now we look forward to taking the next step with DaBx and sharing the benefits of our patented air filtration technology together,” said Gregory Scott Newsome, Chief Financial Officer and Board Director of Dexwet Air Filters. “As a trusted brand in Europe, I know we can replicate the positive reception our clients and their customers have towards our product in America.”

Clean air and energy efficiency go hand in hand, making DaBx a perfect fit for Dexwet’s introduction to American service companies. An energy consulting and manufacturing representative firm, DaBx is currently working with power quality and thermal efficiency technologies. DaBx has partnered with Energy Efficient Solutions (EES) to enhance the reach for Dexwet Pure Air filters in the greater NY area and the Northeastern USA.

“We’re always seeking to find the best in energy technology, and we are confident that Dexwet will captivate industry leaders in the American market,” said Rogier F. van Vlissingen, founder and CEO of DaBx Demand Side Solutions. “Dexwet Pure Air Filters are not only a pioneering product that saves energy and promotes clean air efficiently, but a wonderful partner to be working with.”
HVAC service companies who want to be one of the first to offer Dexwet Pure Air Filters to their customers will need to connect with EES or DaBx.

Dexwet currently has more than 60 patents worldwide and is widely sold for consumer use in Europe. For more information about Dexwet Air Filters, visit

About Dexwet Holdings Corporation
Headquartered in the U.S., Dexwet Holdings Corp. is an air filter manufacturing and technology company with more than 60 patents, the first of which was filed in 2000 to mitigate fine dust particles effectively. The company has grown to develop and commercialize its patented wet air filter technology, which has now been selling in Europe for homes, commercial properties, and custom business applications for more than 15 years. Dexwet was built on a mission to have a positive effect on health by providing clean air for humans and machines. Visit

About DaBx Demand Side Solutions
Pronounced “Dabix” DaBx Demand Side Solutions (DaBx) is an energy consulting and manufacturer’s rep firm founded in the belief that the greatest advances in energy efficiency and sustainability can be made in buildings. They are currently involved in power quality and thermal efficiency technologies. Visit