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Ecoer Debuts Industry’s First Decade-Long Warranty On Parts and Labor; Renames Flagship Product Line

September 22, 2022

Ecoer, manufacturer of highly efficient variable speed inverter heat pumps, has announced it now offers an “out-of-the-box” ten-year warranty on both parts and labor for its flagship line of heat pumps at no charge to end users.

“We’re confident that our products will provide superior comfort for a long, long time, which allows us to provide a decade-long warranty on parts and labor. This is the longest, most complete warranty available on residential HVAC units, and homeowners have told us they want these assurances,” said North American president, Rick Warner. “Our 10×10 Comfort Defense program will be a game changer in increasing awareness and demand for our innovative units and their IoT technology.”

Mr. Warner states that the manufacturer’s confidence also extends to the renaming of its heat pump product line.  “We’re now calling our inverter heat pumps the ESi Decades series, because they offer our end users decades worth of peace of mind.”  He adds that the ten-year parts and labor warranty is available on all units installed by a trained Ecoer contractor.

Available in two condensing unit sizes, ESi Decades heat pumps are equipped with a cellular-based two-way communication capable IoT Gateway System that allows for remote monitoring and adjustments by professional installers.  With the Ecoer Smart Service System (ESSS), contractors and end users can receive alerts and recommendations for a variety of operational conditions and provides real-time historic data on heating and cooling conditions.

Of note to HVAC contractors, the 10×10 Comfort Defense program is a powerful incentive to their customers, what Mr. Warner refers to as a “kitchen table sales talk.”  In addition to the decade-long warranty, the ESi Decades units’ two-way communications provide remote monitoring and adjustments, which eliminates the need for costly and scheduled site visits.  The product is competitively priced to similar high-SEER heat pumps on the market and can reduce homeowner monthly heating and cooling expenses by as much as 50%.  The units are also designed for easy installation, with simpler matchups to indoor equipment, 2- and 3-wire capabilities for more configurations, and contractor-friendly condenser-only replacements, making retrofits easy and affordable.  Ecoer also provides an easy-to-use mobile app that simplifies commissioning, troubleshooting, and reporting – including data on energy usage.

“The ESi Decades series provides homeowners with a first-ever truly smart home,” notes Mr. Warner.  “And it gives contractors a profitable, easy-to-install and easy-to-sell product that helps cement a decade-long relationship with the homeowner.”

Contractors are encouraged to learn more about the 10×10 Comfort Defense warranty at https://www.ecoer.com/contractor/.

In addition to the ESi Decades series heat pumps, Ecoer also makes the E Series indoor air handling units, a programmable touchscreen thermostat, cased coils and furnaces, and the Ecoer Smart Service (ESS) mobile app for HVAC professionals.

About Ecoer

Established in 2016, Ecoer makes the first-ever residential unitary equipment in the industry that incorporates both energy efficiency and smart technology using a true variable speed inverter equipped with an IoT 4G LTE gateway.  Ecoer is dedicated to the marriage of highly efficient and smart technologies for the very best in residential indoor comfort.  Ecoer’s mission is to make homes green and smart.  The manufacturer was a finalist in the 2021 AHR Expo Innovation Awards.