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F.W. Webb: Where Refrigeration Pros Go for Hands-on Training

June 03, 2024

Efficiency is critical for the success of your HVAC/R business. As the old saying goes, time is money. Because you can’t afford to fall behind the competition, using the latest tools will help you be as efficient as possible. As part of its full-service commitment to its customers, F.W. Webb Company offers hands-on training for cutting-edge equipment, including NAVAC’s recovery units, vacuum pumps, flaring tools, and RLS tools and fittings.

“Because of our partnerships with both NAVAC and RLS, we can offer extensive training to accommodate your schedule and needs,” says Sean Mannion, Director of Refrigeration Sales for F.W. Webb Company. “By participating in these training opportunities, we’re confident your work will become easier and more efficient.”

F.W. Webb offers a variety of training opportunities for refrigeration technicians:

  • F.W. Webb Locations: For NAVAC, F.W. Webb hosts in-depth training events at locations across the wholesale distributor’s Northeast footprint. During an hour-and-a-half training session, attendees receive instruction from NAVAC’s national trainers on ways to accelerate the system evacuation process while optimizing the proper procedure for NAVAC’s vacuum pumps, including the BreakFree® Cordless Vacuum Pump. Following the initial class, another 90-minute session breaks down the best approach for refrigerant recovery—including a discussion about recovery rates and other procedures—using equipment like NAVAC’s Brushless DC Recovery Unit. Find more information about F.W. Webb’s training sessions here.
  • On Your Job Site: Along with RLS-focused training at F.W. Webb’s branches, Mannion is a seasoned expert who can bring RLS tools and fittings to your job site and offer a comprehensive, in-person demonstration. He thoroughly explains how the RIDGID® 8-piece jaw set and the Klauke® 19 kN Tool with a 5-jaw set are used. In a precise, step-by-step manner, Mannion describes the necessary preparation for tubing before the fitting is pressed. He instructs attendees on how to sand the tubing, evaluate it for any defects, and finalize the fitting with a press verification tool. After the demonstration, attendees try the process, working through each step to complete a fitting. To schedule on-site training, please contact your F.W. Webb sales representative.
  • RLS Mobile Training: The RLS mobile showroom will roll out to F.W. Webb locations during the summer of 2024. According to an announcement earlier this year, the showroom is part of RLS’ effort to train about 20,000 contractors in the next year. The mobile showroom will offer presentations on the tube and fitting preparation process. It will also include a hydrostatic burst chamber that will demonstrate the strength of the RLS fittings. The chamber will subject the tube to extreme PSI, leading to the failure of the tube but not the fitting. Visitors can also go on a virtual reality tour to see the manufacturing process for RLS fittings. When the schedule of appearances at F.W. Webb locations is finalized, ask your sales representative or local F.W. Webb general manager for more information.

“As the leading distributor for both NAVAC and RLS, we can use our partnerships to provide the information, guidance, and instruction you need to enhance your work with these innovative tools,” he says. “In doing so, you can gain the efficiency you need to set your business apart.”

For all your refrigeration needs, count on F.W. Webb. Learn more at fwwebb.com/innovativetools.