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Announcing a New Podcast – Did You Know? The ESCO Podcast

June 08, 2023

The ESCO Institute is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest endeavor, the new podcast titled Did You Know? – The ESCO HVAC Podcast. The podcast has been designed to cover a range of issues that will help HVACR professionals and instructors become more effective in their roles.

Despite the availability of several excellent HVACR podcasts in the industry, The ESCO Podcast stands out with its five different tracts, namely The Windshield Chronicles, Teaching the Unteachables, Soften Your Senses, Welcome to the Future, and Tales from the Trenches, each of which is uniquely designed to cater to the industry’s specific needs that are not currently being served. Moreover, the podcast offers content that is different from ESCO’s live weekly broadcast every Thursday at 4:30 PM Eastern. The pre-recorded format of the podcast enables HVACR professionals to listen and learn at their leisure.

Did You Know? – The ESCO HVAC Podcast has made an impressive debut with 1000 downloads in 15 countries in the first 2 weeks. One popular story that may interest you is episode 4 featuring Greg Castro, an instructor new to the classroom. In this episode he discuses the challenges in transitioning from technician to teacher, and why he is so compelled to help his students.

Clifton Beck, Manager of Digital Media for ESCO, is the host for both the live show and webcast. With years of experience in the residential and commercial sectors of the industry, Clifton has worked in the field and served as a technical service advisor for a large wholesaler. He leverages his skill set to find compelling stories that offer resources to people in the field as well as in the classroom, helping them become better at their jobs.

Listening to Did You Know? – The ESCO HVAC Podcast is hassle-free, as it is available on all major platforms, including Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Google, i-HeartRadio, Pandora, RSS, Spotify, Stitcher, and Tune-In. To learn more about ESCO Institute and their resources for HVACR professionals, visit escogroup.org.