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HVACR Dangers to Avoid this Summer

August 10, 2023

Working as an HVACR tech during the summer presents some very specific hazards. Beyond spending long hours outdoors in the heat, you could also work in cramped, hot environments with exposed power lines and hazardous leaking refrigerants. Here are a few dangers to look out for this summer and ways to avoid them.

Stay safe around power

Safety around electrical equipment is critical and since we’re in HVAC, it’s part of the job – especially during the summer. This is when AC systems are overtaxed and are prone to failure and burning out. When repairing these systems or replacing components like fan motors and compressors, be sure to turn the power off at the breaker, not just at the unit. This minimizes the risk of accidental shock. As a final precaution, using a meter with non-contact voltage sensing can confirm the system is deenergized. Also, whenever you come across an exposed wire, use your electrical test tools to ensure safety and tape it off.

Be careful with refrigerants

Recharging a system is a frequent job for techs, especially during the summer months. During a recharge, techs are often inadvertently exposed to hazardous chemicals by breathing them in or absorbing them through the skin. Minimizing this contact is essential. To ensure your safety, wear the correct protective gear like gloves and safety glasses, and follow all manufacturer recommendations. If you need to recharge a system, be sure to use A2L-compatible tools like the Fieldpiece MR45 – Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine and the Fieldpiece VPX7 – 10 CFM Vacuum Pump. Both are designed to work with the latest refrigerants.

Have the right tools in your bag

To work safely this summer, start by working smarter. Wearing the correct protective gear is a great place to start. Make sure that your bag includes PPE, gloves, helmets, hard-toed boots, and other equipment to defend you from potential hazards. Also, ensure that your bag has all the tools that you need for every job. Trips back and forth to the truck or the shop cause unnecessary delays and extend your time on the job site. Packing the right gear reduces exposure to dangerous heat and other potentially harmful weather conditions.

Work smart. Be safe.

Paying attention to the dangers of working around electricity and refrigerants is important. That’s why you should keep all potential hazards in mind. Avoid or minimize any risk by coming to work prepared with the right equipment, HVACR test tools and protective gear to keep you safe through the summer months.